Kontagiouz Kuztom Heelz Kickz & Dezignz

All designs are made to order and can be any color, character or design.  Check out a few of my styles below


                    “Wifey” Cap & Heels                        

Wedding Date on Right heel Diamond ring on left heel

(made to order)


“Batman Original” Skaterdress, Heels, Hair Bow & Earrings

(made to order in ALL SIZES)

IMG_1412Batman Animated Comic Heels

IMG_0817Hello Kitty Mix Match Heels

IMG_1421Betty Boop Glitter Design

IMG_1392Bratz Glitter Animal Print

IMG_0636Superman STOP CRIME heels & Air Force 1sIMG_0801

image“Angry Birds” Air Force 1s

IMG_1410Kids Glitter Zebra Heel Toe & Bow

IMG_0647Kids “Frozen” Glitter Slipper Flats

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