Reverse Contour Highlight Challenge

Wassup Bug Gang

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like if you put your makeup on the wrong way?  I’ve had thoughts about this for months but I was too afraid to try it and see what the outcome would be.



Halloween is in 8 days and I wanted to do a costume with some type of full face paint look, but honestly, ya girl is always looking for a way to save money so I chose to use the makeup I already have to attempt a reverse contour and highlight instead.

You’ll be surprised what a well blended reverse contour highlight looks like…


Have you had the same crazy thought as me about applying your makeup the wrong way, but were too chicken to try it?

I challenge you today to try for yourself and see what results you get!!!

How To Participate

  • Grab your shades of highlight and bronzer
  • Place bronzer where highlight goes
  • Place highlight where bronzer goes

If you decide to try this challenge PLEASE like below and comment


and don’t forget to tag me on social media @kontagiouzbeauty

Check out my video HERE






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