I wasn’t born yesterday

Ever heard the saying ” I wasn’t born yesterday?”  Well i was…

Born May 21, 1984 prematurely to a woman who didn’t want me so she gave me up for adoption.  This lady couldn’t even give me a chance to show her who I was or who I could be and all of my life I’ve dealt with issues of finding myself because of it.

A couple of years ago my adoptive parents paid for me to meet my biological family.  It was a disaster (will give details in another post).  I didn’t get any of the answers I thought I deserved…didn’t really get ANY answers.  This too, added to the issues of me finding myself.

After months of holding grudges I finally forgave the crazy lady who threw me away and started to focus on ME.  18 days before my 32nd birthday I decided to try to find myself again…


What did I find out about ME?

In 18 days I found out that I love to eat!  The whole week of my birthday I had the choice to do anything I wanted to do.  I chose to eat at a different restaurant everyday! Here are some pictures of a few things I had and list of the places we visited.



-Red Lobster


-Home Cooked

-Waffle House

-Lovick’s Cafe


I found out that I am homey.  When I say homey I mean I love to be at the house.  Some people think that it’s lazy to sit around the house all day, but I don’t think so.  Not when you have everything you need at home.  I can always find something to clean or rearrange and cleaning gives me a sense of peace, freshness and relief.

I love to look good and I’m very particular about my style and image, but if it takes a long time to look good I rather just be regular.  I’m not the makeup girl but I will slap on makeup on certain occasions.  I like heels but my sneaker game is more on fleek than my heels.  I like to be comfortable at all times.  My plan was to get dolled up but I changed my mind at the last minute.  I didn’t do my hair, didn’t purchase an outfit or anything that I usually do for my birthday.  I just let the day flow.

I love my family and would do anything to protect them and make sure they have the best.

I am passionate about each talent that I have and hate being rushed.

I am not a pushover and will stand tall and firm in whatever I believe even though I’m only 4’10.

The last thing I realized is that I have split personalities…but I always knew that.  Over the past 18 days I was monitored by myself and my family about my attitude and behavior. One minute I would be happy and playing and the next minute I would be fussing, the next dancing, and after screaming.

I don’t know why I am the way that I am but I AM ME and I LOVE IT!!!



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