Ms Mean Green LOTD

I don’t usually do get ready with me’s or looks of the day but the month of May is mine so here’s an insider on my simple style.


Green Hair- Gray Shirt – White Levi’s – Green Chucks

I’ve always been different when it came to my style.  I hate to be like someone else and I hate to copy someone else’s style.  I like to break rules and set my own trends and it’s really simple.  I never really buy new clothes, but I always make sure I keep my shoe game tight.

IMG_0167These are Chuck Taylor’s that I purchased back in 2002 and they still look great!

IMG_0170I love my white Levi’s.  Well I love Levi’s period.  That’s just my choice of jeans and always has been. (Purchased these from the best clothing store in my town Urban Vibes)

IMG_0152…and my shirt is from Belks, just a simple gray shirt!

The hair and makeup is random so you’ll just have to watch me Get Ready 🙂

Check out the video BELOW:

Also if you would like to see how I created this Green Wig check out the link HERE:







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