Easy Brow Tutorial

Good morning ladies.  I’ve got goodies for you today!  You asked for a brow tutorial and I’ve put together an easy brow routine that even a beginner can follow.  In order to achieve an easy brow look you will only need the following:

  1. A pencil (shade of your choice)

I’m using L’Oreal’s Brow Stylist Definer in the shade Dark Brunette

2.  Spoolie

The L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer comes with 2 different ends.  One has a spoolie end, and the other has a pencil end.

The last thing you will need is:

3.  Concealer

The concealer that I use is L.A. Girl Pro conceal in the color Fawn.  This concealer matches my skin tone so I use it to get a more natural brow look.  If I want a more dramatic or more highlighted look I would use a concealer two shades lighter than Fawn and for me that would be Natural.

Enough talking…

Grab those pencils, spoolies and your concealer and follow along as I show you how to get the easiest natural looking brows in minutes. Check out the video BELOW:




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