Red Baron Pizza Review

Welcome back loves.  Today I want to talk about some wonderful opportunities that have become available to me and I would love to share them with you!

A few weeks ago I was searching the web for something I wanted to purchase.  As I was searching I stumbled upon a blog that had all these links for freebies and  I was like… huh?…FREE?  So my nosey self had to have a peek LOL.  In peeking, I found some cool websites that offer free products to try in exchange for your honest opinion and review of the product on their website.

Now this is my first review and I don’t have the link directly beside me so I can’t leave the link today…but I will leave the link in the next review.

Video Review HERE:

First of all, the pizza was well packaged and it arrived 1 day after the confirmation email was sent to me.  It is a Red Baron Pepperoni Pizza cooked just like the box said..for 15 minutes at 400 degrees.  It turned out almost great.  The outer edges cooked before the whole pizza, but it wasn’t burnt…THANK GOD!  I think this is because all ovens are different and with mine I always have to cook things like 30 degrees lower than the box says and for 15 more minutes so that was my fault for following the directions.(LOL)

Now lets talk about the taste and texture.  This pizza was delicious.  The crust was soft but not too soft. I love cheese and there was lots of cheese in every bite.  Some frozen pizzas only have like 2 pepperoni and that upsets me very much but this one had pepperoni in every bite and I loved that as well.  What I didn’t like was the amount of pizza sauce on it.  This is only because I’m not a fan of pizza sauce anyway.  Usually when I have pizza I ALWAYS get light sauce.  Other than that I give this pizza a 5 star rating and 2 thumbs up!

I also did a video review so if you aren’t busy and would like a few laughs check me and my oldest daughter out as we prepare our night time snack.





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