*NEW* 2016 Flawless Sew In For 7 & Under!!!

I was asked to update my 4 way vixen glue in tutorial because last year my lighting was terrible in my videos.  Since then, I’ve cut all of my hair off not allowing me to be able to update that routine.

….well uhm, Today; I wanted to see if I could recreate that look for a little girl.  I didn’t want to use any glue because my daughter’s hair is natural and I just don’t feel comfortable adding glue to her hair PERIOD!!! (My daughter is Age 7 )

I wanted to show you guys that OUR little girls can rock sew ins and still look like little girls.  Our young ladies should feel beautiful… Just like their mommies!

So next time you have a hair appointment and your little princess has to tag along, treat her to a 4 way vixen sew in.  Add some bows to it and it is toooooo Cute!!! ❤

Check out the video below to see how I achieve this look:



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