She’s Got Game S1E9

Welcome back love bugs <3.  It’s getting down to the wire.  There are only 3 ladies left in the competition. The three ladies left are Rebecca, Shyona, and Briona.  If you missed last week’s update you can check it out below.

Tonight the remaining girls sit and talk about the past elimination with Game’s mother and grandmother. When they walk downstairs they each see their mother.  Game invited the girl’s mothers to come and visit them.  Each of the girls talk to their moms about how they feel about the Game and they try to explain to their moms how Game is.  So far none of the moms are feeling his character from what the girls tell them, but let’s see what they’ll think once they meet him themselves.  Today the mothers get to spend time and have lunch  with Game while the girls go and get pampered.  Game sits down with the girls mothers and they are all mean muggin his ass like ok we’ve seen our daughters now we want to know wtf you want with them lol.  I’m anxious to see how this lunch date goes.

The girls are worried that their moms will fuck it up for them, but Rebecca says she’s not worried.  As the girls get their nails done the girls talk about their moms personalities.  Briona says her mom is like her.  God knows I hope not.

Game and the mothers sit and talk and he jokingly says he hasn’t slept with any of their daughters and then they all laugh and start to loosen up.  Briona’s mom is very honest about her daughter.  Off the bat she tell Game Briona doesn’t like rules or making her bed and speaks before she thinks.

Shyona’s mom explains that she’s strong willed and whatever she wants she goes for it.

Rebecca’s mom is just like her so we all know she didn’t fuck it up for Rebecca.

Game brings the girls back to let them know what their mothers told him about them and after that the mothers left.  Now it’s almost time for elimination.

Me personally, I think that it’s between Rebecca and Shyona at this point.  Briona is just childish and she has alot of growing up to do before she can play any kind of wifey role. Any bitch that can’t take 5 seconds to make up a bed in the morning….ain’t wifey material. Not only that, any child that can’t respect their parents ain’t hittin on shit either.  In life you have rules Briona.  At some point you’re gonna have to grow up.  Hopefully when you watching yourself on tv and social media actin like an ass you’ll straighten dat ass up. Until then….wait for your elimination day sweetie!

…..and GUESS WHAT?!?!?  That day is today baby!!!!LMAO take that childish ass home biiiish.  Game needs something solid not something fun and adventurous.  Anyway though, 2 girls left.  Rebecca and Shyona gets a one on one date with Game.

Rebecca gets the first date.  They are out on the yacht  the weather is bad.  The wind is blowing really hard, the boat is shaking and Game is getting sea sick.  They gave him a pill for the sea sickness and he falls fast asleep and doesn’t really get to spend time with Game.  Rebecca wakes Game up and he feels bad for giving her a terrible date (falling asleep).  Game makes Rebecca feel really special by telling her sweet things and then they kiss goodnight.

Next day it’s time for Shyona’s date. They start off with a nice toast.  Game speaks nice things of her and how he see’s good in her.

Meanwhile, back at the house Lisa Raye comes in to check on Rebecca.  Rebecca is so nervous about Shyona and Game being on the date together.  Rebecca is just jealous.  I think she got this… but then again I don’t know cause Game and Shyona getting pretty close.  They kissed the whole damn date if you ask me but it was the last date so yasssss honey.. enjoy each other!!!  Game speaks to her and basically tells her she’s too good to be true.  There’s gotta be something wrong with her somewhere but honestly I haven’t seen anything yet… She may just be the only squeaky clean girl I know…butterum..the date ends and up next is the day we’ve been waiting for since E1.  The Final Elimination Day!!!

After the dates with Rebecca and Shyona, Lisa Raye and Lolo (the girls coaches) meet with Game and talk to him about who they think he should pick.  Game is having a hard time trying to figure out who to pick because he feels that both women have something that he’s looking for but it is time.

Elimination Round

Game says he cares about both of the girls and he doesn’t want to break anybody’s heart, and then he says…I’m not gone choose and walks off.  I’m sitting here in front of the tv like Yes Yo Ass Is Gone Choose…you betta get on back out there and tell them girls which one you want.  They deserve to know.  They did this whole competition for you to be cowardly and not pick..Boi stop.

….Now let’s hear these results Game.

He tells Rebecca all these wonderful things and then tells Shy he doesn’t want her. SMH that was so sad because she was really a sweet girl…but here it is guys.  Rebecca has Game just like I predicted.  Good luck Rebecca and Game and goodbye Season 1 of She’s Got Game.

Thank you guys for sticking around and I’ll see you all next time!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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