She’s Got Game S1E8

Welcome back people.  It’s that time again…


Last week  Elle was eliminated for her behavior, Briona is really drunk and sick, Jennifer runs a wack ass bubble bath for Game and picks a sleezy restaurant, and Game’s mother and grandmother makes a surprise visit.  If you missed last week’s episode (S1E7) Check it out below. Grab your popcorn, drinks and candy bitches and mitches.  The show is about to begin!

Picking up where we left off from last week, Rebecca, Jennifer, Shyona and Game’s mother and grandmother are all out on a dinner date.  The date is over and they come back to the house and Game is there waiting.  Game’s mother says she had an amazing time but the food was awful.  In walks Briona looking sick ( and she is).  She was dehydrated from her hangover.

It’s night time I guess and the girls are in bed.  I guess Rebecca and Jennifer rooms together.Rebecca asks Jennifer what happened between her and Game and she told her about the bubble bath. Rebecca asked Jennifer alot of questions lol.  She wanted to know what happened, if they were naked, did they touch lol.Stop being nosey bitch!

Now Game talks with his mother and grandmother to see what they think about the girls.  Mom’s favorite is Rebecca.  Mom also said if she had a second pick it would be Shyona.  Jennifer is labeled as a friend for life.  So since mom and grandma liked Rebecca she gets a one on one date with Game tonight.

Grandma goes up to call Rebecca for a date and Shyona is mad lol.  She said Rebecca didn’t help get the house clean for the mother and grandmother.  Her ass was sleeping.  Oh well stop whining because Rebecca got a date and you didn’t.  You were with him the night before last.  You know y’all gotta share until he chooses one of y’all…LOL stop trippin biiiiish.

Game escorts Rebecca to his 458.I guess he’s going like crazy ass miles per hour lol.  Rebecca’s hair is flying in the wind and Game looks as if he’s with his Bonnie.  They get to a nice room with desserts.  Rebecca speaks about how the closer she gets to him the more jealous she gets about him being around the other women.  The moment is perfect and she asks him are you going to bring Shyona here again in 3 days and Game is like huuuh?!?!??  (like pump ya brakes bitch..this is still a competition. Even though you winning tonight doesn’t mean you’ve won the competition.  Just continue to be yourself and at the end you’ll win.CALM DOWN!!!)  Game likes Rebecca but he doesn’t like her jealousy.  Maybe you should back off Rebecca.  Next scene, Game feeds Rebecca some dessert and spills chocolate on her dress.  He asks her to take the dress off and she walks in the back to ( take it off).

Next morning, Briona is still sleeping so Jennifer and Shyona cooks breakfast. Briona wakes up after everything is done smh.  Game and Rebecca walks in together and Game’s mother and grandmother and the girls are all watching.  Briona and Rebecca go to their rooms and talk about what happened last night.

Today the girls spend time with the mother and grandmother again and Game takes Briona for a ride to talk about why she hasn’t spent any time with his family.  Game encourages her to interact more.  Eliminations are tonight and Game’s mother and grandmother think that Briona is just childish..I agree, but like I said last week Game see’s something in her that NOONE else sees.

They all arrive at Monkey Jungle to spend time and they feed the monkeys.  Jennifer is being really helpful to the mother and grandmother and spending all her time with them.

So back at the house Briona and Rebecca talk about how they think the mom and grandmother will affect the decision for the elimination.  We will see soon!

Jennifer asks Game to take a walk with her so she can talk to him and see where everything is with them.  She says she’s there for him and she deserves more time.  My thing is when you do get your time you don’t have shit to say.  Your elimination day is coming baby.  Don’t push it.  You’re already NOT HIS TYPE.

Today is elimination day and Game gets a massage from Briona.  Rebecca is also in the room and she asks Game about his bubble bath with Jennifer. Rebecca starts to asks Game a shit load of questions about what happened and it was annoying the hell outta Game.  No man likes a jealous woman.  I mean jealous to some point but too jealous is too much.

Now the girls are making Gumbo with Game’s mother.  Game pulls Briona to the side again to tell her that she still hasn’t been involved with his mom or grandmother and he wants her to atleast try before eliminations tonight.  Briona goes in and tries to talk to the mother and grandmother and they don’t want to talk.  So we all know that’s it for her trying to bond with them. She’s stubborn as hell.  Oh well.  Somebody gotta go home tonight and guess what?!?!?!?  Game ain’t making the decision…His mom and grandmother are.  Let’s see what your pretty face gets you tonight miss tough ass hehe.

Elimination TIME!!!!

After Game’s mom and grandmother tell the girls what they think about them Game’s mother prepares to make her decision.  Who’s takin’ dat ass home tonight?!???..DRUMROLL PLEASE>>>>

Jennifer ” I don’t think that you’re the right one for him”.  The mother says that Jennifer was closer to them than she was to Game.  Jennifer said herself there wasn’t a connection.  So why you ain’t been left.  Girl Byyyye! See you later.  Well that’s that y’all, but we all knew Jennifer was going home after that bubble bath shit she pulled lol.

Join me back next week to see what happens on the next episode of She’s Got Game.  Only 3 contestants left.


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