She’s Got Game S1E7

Wassup ladies and gents?  I missed you guys last week.  I played myself thinking She’s Got Game was coming on and I was sitting waiting to update like… it coming on or nah?!!!!?  So since they made us wait for this episode this shit BETTA be good tonight…

On the last episode of She’s Got Game the girls meet some of Game’s fans on a yacht, they do a video shoot, Briona is rude, Shyona gets one on one time with Game and Priscilla is gone….huuuuuuh….Okayyyy

Tonight we up in Miami.  Everybody’s saying since Priscilla is gone Game can now focus on this competition.  So now there are only 5 girls left. Rebecca, Shyona, Briona, Elle, and Jennifer.

As always when the girls travel to a new city they always celebrate the first day there so today Game is hanging out with Lisa Raye and Irv Gotti with the girls and he tells Lisa and Irv his opinions about the girls.

Drinks are always provided at these type of functions, and we all know who’s turning up..or should I say Drankin’ Up???  Briona is drunk already ( 5 shots) and loud talking.  Shyona has her game on point right now.  She’s definietly got her attention on Game and he see’s that.  She and he were spending time off to the side from the other girls until she walked over to get them drinks.  Briona then walks over to see if she can get some attention.  When Shyona come back with the drinks Briona expects Jayceon to tell her to leave but he doesn’t, and that pisses her off.

Back in the pool moments later, drunk ass Briona acting crazy fussing with everybody smh.  She’s just messy as fuck.  I don’t know who the fuck would want to be with a bitch like that.  She reckless as fuck.  I just don’t understand.  You only have to tell a child that’s 2 to calm down once or twice smh.  Anyway tho…..The friends who picked the girls were there tonight at the pool party for support for the last days of the competition.

While the girls are at the pool party Jennifer sneaks off and sets up a bubble bath and champagne. It looks soooo romantic only thing is she put hella bubbles in the tub.  That bitch was drowning in bubbles; so many bubbles that Game asked if she could get some of the bubbles out.  On some real shit she acted like a bitch that ain’t never took a tub bath.  I mean that’s just my opinion lmao.   She was blanking in and out of the conversation while Game was talking.. being quiet, making dumb ass remarks.  Uhm…bitch do you know who da fuck you in the bathtub with??? If I was in that tub he could’ve asked me what did he just say and I would’ve repeated every word.  Right now I think she just messed up.  If you can’t listen to a man or hear a man you won’t have a man.

So everyone is enjoying themselves and Elle’s nipples comes out of her swimsuit (in the pool), she throws a glass or some shit and she swear Game is enjoying the shit she doing but NAH<><>!  Elle is trying to grab Game’s balls. She is too wasted.  So wasted that her coach Marcus said to Game ” If I picked her.. guess what else I should be able to do”.  Let me say it for ya “Send Dat Ass Home”!!! That ass bettA straighten up.

The next morning, everyone feels like crap (hangovers).  Game meets with Marcus (Elle’s coach) and they discuss their behavior.  Marcus tells Game he don’t think she’s the one for him and he wants to know if he can let her ass go lmao.  Bye Felicia!!!? You gorgeous and all butterum…yo ass fuckin crazy bitch.

So Marcus goes and talks with Elle.  He tells her how embarrassed he was about her behavior and she says that it was the liquor (but when yo ass wasn’t drinking you was acting the same way).  So he gives her the news and that’s right guys and gals…She’s Goin Home.  So now there’s 4 left.

It’s 4pm and the girls are still in the bed lounging around with hangovers and the girls hear a horn beep.  Game’s mother and grandmother arrive.  Shyona and Briona meet the ladies first and Shyona introduces herself as Game’s girlfriend.  Right away his mother tells them how nasty they are.  At this moment they also find out that ma and grandma will be spending the night.  The mother asks alot of question and she explains what she looks for in a woman for her son. ( What every mother wants for their son) and she asks the girls about their life and how they feel about Game.  Out of all the girls so far, Game’s mother says she like Rebecca.  Let’s see if she’ll like the other girls after tonight’s dinner date with mother and grandmother.

Briona is really sick and she has to leave to go to the hospital.  She says this is the worst hangover she’s ever had lol.  At the doctors office they tell her she’s dehydrated and she has to stay for a couple of hours. Briona really doesn’t want to miss the dinner tonight because she knows that it’s vital right now in the competition.  You should’ve thought about that when you was turning up last night.  If you can’t handle yo liquor don’t drink.  So she’s going to miss the dinner and this could possible be elimination night for her.  Notice in the past, every time we think Briona should be eliminated Game always keeps her ass.  So let’s see what happens.

So Jennifer picked the spot to eat and they start to talk.  Game’s mother ask the girls what happened to their children’s father and they all explain and Game’s mother says that she likes the girls.  When the food comes Game’s mother grandmother and Rebecca complain about the food and restaurant.  Jennifer even hates the restaurant herself smh.  Honestly, the restaurant was cheesy Jennifer. You wrong for that!

I can’t wait til next weekend tho.  Looks like Rebecca gets to spend the night with Game again and walks in early (during breakfast); looks like this night got kind of steamy.  I also see that Rebecca gets a little aggressive and jealous.  Her wild side may start to come out…Tune in next week to see what happens on She’s Got Game!

See ya ❤



  1. Ms.Prisella Was. wrong for what she did,The four remain is not for you either,I wAtch the show ever air come on this Ladies act like girl and was not prepared for your familiy visit .Not at all. They are great pretenders.I would escort them all out.Wow They not listen too what you are looking for.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Those woman or not for the game ,I watch the show an study them,I agree with mom not clean dont know how to pick Restaunant too chose any of those woman act like gramour school. An dont undetstand what they are their for have another show.FAKE IT WILL BE. A MISTAKE TOO CHOOSE ANYONE.True love give time not rush Game (latria aka Ms.Exclusive..


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