She’s Got Game S1E6

Last week on She’s Got Game Shay revealed she had a boyfriend so she was sent home and Sierra quit because she didn’t like Game’s lifestyle or the competition. Let’s see what happens tonight!

Next stop..Chicago (hangin out on a private yacht.)

Today the Game’s fans (25 of them) get to hang out with the girls to see what the girls are like.

Game explains to his friends how cool Brittany A. is.

Briona is back at the bar drinking…as always (she says she don’t like the fans).

Shyona is doing great with the fans.

Brittany B. is taking alot of selfies with the fans.

Priscilla is talking to the fans throwing her normal shade on the other girls and turning the attention on herself.

Elle tries to figure out what to do to get some attention from Jayceon.  She’s a cute girl, but I swear she’s been like silent so far.  I forgot she was even on the show.  Elle approaches Game and asks him when she’s going to get some time with him and Shyona interrupts.  Game is trying to eat and she’s being aggravating as hell.  On his lap, in his face.  Stop throwing yourself on this man girl.. He trying to fucking eat smh.  I agree with Game “You don’t mess with a man while he’s eating”.  Such a turnoff!

Briona is having a conversation with the fans. She is being a snooty ass bitch and rude as fuck.  She’s ready to go and she doesn’t interact well with any of the fans.

Brittany B. is doing alot of bragging about herself.  Like nobody wants to hear about you.  You’re here for Game…

Shyona brings Game dessert and they feed each other.  Cute but uhm…probably not enough Miss Shyona lol.

Game sends the girls back to the house and talks with the fans to see who they like.  Shyona got good compliments, but they think that Briona is very very rude.  They also say that Elle is thirsty and Brittany B. says she wants to be famous so they think that she ain’t there for Game..she’s there for Fame.  So sad. 😦

Back at the house Priscilla and Shyona talk about who’s getting eliminated, Brittany A.,and B talk about themselves and Rebecca listens.  The Brittany’s are happy to just be Game’s friends and the other girls think that they’re in the competition for the wrong reasons so they decide to work together to get the Brittany’s out of the competition.

Game comes in to pick 2 girls for a date.  These 2 ladies got the best and worst compliments from the fans. Shyona being the best and Briona being the worst.  They are at an art studio and they are working on something for Game’s album cover.  Each girl gets a wall and Briona is having temper tantrums and shit.  Game said Briona took the whole day on her wall and Shyona was dope.  They worked together well and he wants to spend one on one time with her.  They take a selfie after a nice kiss and they connect a little.  Briona goes off and washes her hands and now she gets one on one time with Game.  Game explains what the fans have said and she gets smart with him.

The date is over and Game takes Shyona on their private one on one time for a drink.The other girls back at the house bitch and complain that Shyona gets another date for the night with Jayceon.

Back at the room there’s flowers and champagne.  Shyona and Game talk about how they enjoyed each other and they expressed how happy they were at the present moment.  They talk and kiss and tonight’s date looks way better than it did the night he asked Rebecca to come back to his room.  Is Shyona taking over in this competition.  Let’s see after the break.

Next morning, the girls are having breakfast and they realize that Shyona isn’t there and they are all thinking about Game and Shyona fuckin….If they did they’re grown and he invited her so whatever whatever.  Mind your business that’s all!  In walks Shyona and they asks her what happens and she tells it.  Rebecca realizes Game did the same thing with her.

Tonight he’s taking Brittany A., Brittany B., Elle, and Jennifer on a tour of Chicago.  Elle is back at it in Game’s face.  Brittany A. speaks about eliminations and he’s afraid that she may get eliminated because “She’s Just A Homey”.  Elle starts talking about babies, Game avoids it..and stops to get a bite to eat.    Brittany B. talks about some photo shoot she’s done…like stop gloating bitch.  You are not the shit.  Brittany B. pulls Game to the side and he asks her what is she here for.  She says she’s looking for something real and she’s looking for love but don’t have the right person.  She says she needs more time with him.  It sounds fake to him and fake to me too!

Maybe Game is getting a better understanding of who’s there for him and who’s not.  Stay tuned for the elimination results coming up next…

Game has a nice dinner set up for the girls and Briona is acting like a 5 year old.  Asking for a straw and why there are 3 glasses on the table.  Clearly she’s someone who’s never left the hood smh.  Where’s your class at?  Anyway, Game tells everyone how he feels about them. He tells Briona she is super rude,..but he likes it.  He says Brittany B. is basically there for the wrong reasons and Brittany A. is just too friendly.  Game says he’s not looking for a friend, he’s looking for love.  So who’s leaving tonight?…

Game says he doesn’t feel a romantic spark with Brittany A. and since she and Brittany B. are always together they can leave together.  So that’s it guys.  Brittany A and B are gone and the competition goes on.

Next time on She’s Got Game, Jayceon throws a pool party, Briona goes off on Elle and Game’s mother and grandmother pop up at the house for a surprise visit.  Don’t miss it!!!


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