She’s Got Game S1E5

Hi guys and gals.  I’m posting from my phone tonight…so bare with me.  Now right to the tea!

Previously on Game he takes Sierra on a date, 3 girls are added to the competition and Melissa is eliminated.

Tonight they arrive in St Louis for a video shoot.  Priscilla is hanging out with the new girls…but last week I could’ve sworn she was forming an old group with the girls to keep the new girls out of their circle smh.  Now she’s fussing with Shay for no reason as always. Priscilla says Shay has a boyfriend and she called him the first night.  Wtf is going on?  Priscilla is bipolar or multipolar or something…ugggh

Game arrives and the girls tell him about Priscilla’s drama (fussing with Shay).  Priscilla walks in And everyone gets quiet.   Room gets tense and then Priscilla suggests that they play a game called Never Have I Ever and if you’ve done it you’ve gotta take a drink.  Game loses and ends up having to strip and he picks Priscilla, Rebecca and Elle to go with him on a date to a tattoo parlor.  Game and Rebecca really hit it off on this date. Rebecca let Game do some of her tattoo. The other girls said no. This was really cute to me! Rebecca is definitely a winner.

After the date, Game invites Rebecca to his room for champagne and strawberries…on the sly he asks her to spend the night and they kiss and enjoy each other. The next day;back at the house, the girls are throwing shade cause Rebecca got to spend the night and then she walks in and everybody had like the stank face.(haters)

Video shoot time. Time to see if the girls can handle Game’s lifestyle.  Sierra is worried that she won’t fit in at the video shoot and that it’s out of her character and she’s right. I think she’s too classy for a video shoot.

One by one the girls get their hair and makeup done. Rebecca worries that she doesn’t know the song and Briona is loading herself up with drinks.  Priscilla is still talking shit starting drama with Shay about her boyfriend back home. Priscilla cra frfr.  Shay decides to go talk to Game about Priscilla and he convinces her to keep her cool and focus on him.

Back at the video shoot Priscilla kills it but Briona is drunk as fuck and can’t function so she gets kicked off the set. Briona is pulled to the side with Game and she bitches about his night with Rebecca…lil gurl that shit is childish….anyways

It’s Shay’s turn on set and while she’s on set Priscilla drops the bomb on Jayceon that Shay has a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Sierra goes and speaks with Game about how she feels about Rebecca’s date also.  I don’t think Game is the type of man she’s looking for, but she decided to leave the show.  Bye Sierra.  Wish you great luck on finding that special man for you.

These girls are really offended by Rebecca’s sleepover but they can get use to that because She’s Got Game!

It’s almost elimination time and Game talks with Briona to tell her to tighten up…He also brings in Priscilla to see what’s up with the shit she’s been starting and she doesn’t hesitate to throw her little sideshade and Game kisses her.  Why did he do that?  I’m sure that kiss went to her head.  There will be more problems now.

Now it’s Shay turn to talk to Game and he just wants to know if she has a boyfriend or not.  Shay speaks out and say she was dating someone before she came to the show and basically now they’re back into a relationship.  Game let’s her go and he let’s the other girls know that there won’t be an elimination because Sierra left and Shay really did have a boyfriend.

So now, there are only seven girls left and they are on their way to Chicago.  More drama, more drama, more drama.

Tune in next week to see what happens next time on She’s Got Game.


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