Walmart Beauty Box: Unboxing (Spring)

Hello beautiful people.  Today I’m excited to share with you the Walmart beauty box I ordered about two weeks ago.  Before I share what’s inside I want to talk a little about the cost and everything and the packaging.


As I said above, I ordered this box 2 weeks ago online at  The application was very easy to complete and I don’t think it took me five minutes to finish.  I got a confirmation when the purchase was done and I was notified that the package wouldn’t send right away but when it did I would get an email. Friday I got an email saying my beauty box was on the way and this morning (Monday) It was here!

The beauty box is only issued 4 times per year for summer, spring, winter and fall.  I think this is the spring box…I’m not sure.  Did I mention that this box is only $5?  That’s right only five dollars four times a year. What a whopping deal!

When I opened the box I knew that I would enjoy every product sent to me.  I was first greeted with a message inside the box and a card with a message.


What else is inside this beauty box?


Vaseline intensive care healing serum radiance restore with pure cocoa butter-  This has 10X deep healing power and is designed to moisturize, repair and restore radiance for dry dull skin.  I can definitely use some type of moisture that really works.  I have yet to find that special moisturizing cream for my body and face.  I have really dry skin sometimes.  It really depends on what the weather is like or what products I use.  Today I used this and it smells really good.  I thought that it would have like a cocoa butter smell but it didn’t.  The lotion went on really smooth and it left my face feeling soft and not silky but sleek (if you understand what I mean).  I am going to add this to my daily moisturizing routine and at the end of September I will come on and do a review write up to let you guys know if I’ll continue to use this and if I recommend this product for others with dry skin.


The next thing I noticed in my beauty box was a sample of You and I ONE DIRECTION fragrance/parfum. This is a nice fragrance.  I would wear this on a date out with my hubby, a business meeting or for church. I’m sure I would purchase a bottle of this so guys if you’re looking for a new fragrance…I do recommend it.


Next we have Rimmel LONDON Show off Lip Velvet Matte (liquid lip color).  This color is like a wine color and I really love this.  It also goes on really smooth.  You don’t really feel like you have any gloss on and I love that.  I will definitely purchase this.  I hope that I can find other colors in this product because I love the consistency of the color and wear.


Next in the beauty box we have the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters facial cleanser with white tea and vitamin e.  This is suppose to boosts softness, evenness and radiance and won’t overdry skin.  I didn’t use this today because by the time I went to the mailbox I had already washed my face.  I will try this product tomorrow and until the sample is gone so that I can review it for you guys.


Two more products left in this box.  The first is a sample of Aveeno active naturals protect and hydrate sunscreen lotion (broad spectrum spf 30) and this is to help reverse skin dehydration with nourishing oat. This is also sweat and water resistant up to 80 minutes.  i don’t deal in the sun too much.  I’m usually inside 99 percent of the time so I probably won’t use this product but because I am reviewing this box I will make sure to use it this month so that I can also review it.


Last but not least, there’s a sample of Micellar Cleansing Water.  This is a hydrating cleanser with no rinse required.  It seems really simple.  The instructions says to wipe all around face and eyes for instantly fresh, hydrated skin- no rinse required.  I think I would be very interested in this product.  I am saddened by the fact that they only sent a very small sample to try.  If I purchase this product I will let you guys know and I will also review this.


So that is all for the Walmart beauty box.  For five dollars I got 6 really cool products to try and out of 6 products I am really excited about 5.  I do recommend purchasing this box.  I have nothing but great things to say about my Spring box.  Can’t wait to receive the next one!

See you guys at the end of September with a full review of each product discussed above.

Later ❤


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