She’s Got Game S1E4

What’s the deal people?  It’s that time again…

Soooo leggo…

Previously on last week’s episode, Priscilla goes off on Sierra for no reason.  She isn’t eliminated, Kiki is, but the show must go on. Let’s see what happens on tonight’s episode of She’s Got Game.

Tonight he’s taking Sierra on a 1 on 1 date.  Game says he liked the fiesty side he saw in her and he wants to see more of her and more of what she’s about.

Meanwhile, Melissa is having trouble with her luggage…

So Game meets with three of his other friends and they want to know if they can bring in some girls of their choice to compete with the other girls for a shot a the rapper’s heart.  He agrees and asks them to bring the girls in TONIGHT! Now three more women will be added to the competition.  It was already hell with 10 bitches in the house.  You eliminate 2 and add 3 more? Smh…What a mess.  Let the cat fights begin!

Sierra has a cute red dress handmade for Game (she says)for this date.  Nice dress Sierra but I think I saw something similar to this at Rainbow lol but you can tell Game whatever you want. As far as the date goes it is going well.  Let’s see how she does.

They enjoy wine and talk.  Sierra explains that she was with an oral surgeon for 3.5 years.  She’s using big words and shit (opelulence) wtf. Luxurious..bitch speak nigga english..He ain’t trying to hear all that shit.  Be who you are not who you ain’t.  Now they play truth or dare.  Game takes truth. Sierra asks him if he was a male stripper before..clearly that’s not true. Now, Sierra picks dare.  Game dares Sierra to kiss a waitress on the lips.  She does it.  He says that’s dope.. but I would not have done that shit.  Game says Sierra is a down ass chick and he had a good time on the date.  I think she tries to hard but hey like I said before it’s whatever Game likes.

They arrive back at the house from the Steakhouse (date) and Game announces to the girls that the new girls are coming.  And then they walk in…

First new girl Shyona.  She’s young and has a young daughter.  So far she seems laid back and mature.  I like her.  We will see if she can continue to uphold this image.

The next girl is Briona, a full time student and she wants to deliver babies.  She really does have an outgoing personality..but she seems kind of edgy.

Elle is the next contestant, a realtor.  She is a well rounded pretty black woman.  I think that she may be a part of my new loveable top 3 list.

The old girls are upset that the new girls are here… and they should be because these new girls are IT. They are all beautiful and they are definitely COMPETITION.

Game decides to spend time with the three new girls tonight.  He says he expected his friends to basically pick women that he wouldn’t be interested in but as I said before, these ladies are extra beautiful so the competition JUST GOT HEATED!

Next morning, everyone is sitting around eating breakfast and it looks really awkward for everyone.  Game walks in and picks two girls for a date. Old girl Brittany A. and new girl Briona are chosen.  They’re going on an airboat date.  The ride looks really fun.  Briona bursts out and says she wonders if people have sex on the boats.  Wtf bitch you sleezy.  First date tho?  Game says he wanted to steer away from girls like her but he looks like he’s enjoying himself.  On the date he didn’t pay Brittany A. any mind.  See I thought Briona was cool.  She ain’t been here for 24 hours and she already being slutty.  I’m sure the girls will get her out of the house quickly .  She’s done more with Game in 10 minutes than what he’s done with the other girls and this is going to spark confusion.  I think that she’s going to fight to stay in the Game ain’t letting something EZ go easy if you know what I mean.

Everyone is sitting around talking about what they’ve accomplished and what they’re good at and they ask Melissa what is she good at.  This dingy bat says trampoline.  Why is she even in this competition?

Back on the date Game is still paying all of his attention to Briona.  He actually puts Brittany A. in the friend zone telling her that she’s like a homie.  When a man tells you that listen… You won’t be his pick…HOMIE. When she gets back from the date she cries and says she wants to go home.  Her ass is intimidated… Take ya ass home then.  Briona tells the girls she got a kiss and the other girls heard and they were upset! Especially Rebecca.

Rebecca is the truth.  She is about to question Jayceon about the kiss he and Briona shared cause loyalty to her is everything. She ain’t having it…kissing a stranger..and she states that it’s not fair to her or the other girls.  This shows Game she cares and it shows me she cares and this moment with them was kind of priceless for me.  They bonded and he kissed her for awhile.  (This is wifey…can’t nobody tell me shit)  She didn’t get loud and crazy.  She asked her man a question he answered they smiled and laughed it off like a healthy normal couple would.  I love this, and then she left the room.  Now that’s grown woman style.  I still think that she should win in the end. Great choice Lisa Raye ❤

Melissa comes in because Game wanted to talk to her to see where her head is. He basically said that when he’s in the room her attention is somewhere else. She has like a retarded feeling.  Game asks her questions and she doesn’t even answer wtf he asks her. Go the hell home and on the way follow the yellow brick road to the OZ so you can holla at the wizard and get yo ass a brain.

Game meets with his 3 friends and they tell him how dingy Melissa is and how she’s good at tumbling on a damn trampoline.  If you that good why you ain’t at the Olympics somewhere?  Bitch you good at……nothing; absolutely nothing…and back to our regular scheduled program.

They also tell Game how Brittany A. was crying and saying that she wanted to quit.  Game now kind of regrets that he even let three new girls into the competition.  Let’s get ready for the elimination results coming up NEXT!!!

Game does his speech about how he feels about the girls right before elimination.  Game says he’s looking for a romantic connection and he didn’t find it with Rebecca, but then he directs himself to Melissa and eliminates her because he says she didn’t take anything seriously.  She didn’t care that she was leaving…she ain’t got nothing on her brain anyway so Take Dat Azz Home!!!

The show goes on….and tune in next week when Briona gets kicked off the set, Rebecca spends the night with Game Priscilla goes off on Shay, Shay has a boyfriend?!???

DON’T MISS IT!!! See you next week same time same place!

PS Sorry guys 😦 the elimination results videos I posted for you have been taken down due to copyright issues.  I did not try to copyright anything in any shape, form or fashion.  I was only trying to show my followers in case they missed it because there’s not much information online about the show.  I did not want YOU GUYS to miss anything because I love you that much.  So since I can’t do the video anymore I’ll keep running my damn fingers about it..  They can’t stop that. I’M NOT AN ALIEN and I’M NOT A THIEF!



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