She’s Got Game S1E3

Previously on the Game Destinee is ELIMINATED!

Let’s see what happens NOW…

On the Jet…

Priscilla feeling herself tonight..” I love you bitches but I hope you lose”…. is what she said on the jet.

As the girls talk about their wild sides, Melissa reveals that she’s done Playboy 3 times and her twin sister has done a sex tape.  Kiki swear she has another side, but nobody see’s it but her so blah blah blah blah.  She is too church and she needs to go sat down some wherrrr…Hallelujah!!

On the ride with the other girls..Jayceon and Sierra talk…more than the others maybe because she kept asking bugaboo ass questions.  You’ll know if a man wants you and only you.  Don’t ask no dumb ass questions.  Just play your postition. Dat iz all.

The girls who take the jet have arrived and are enjoying the house. (Priscilla, Melissa,KiKi, and Brittany A.)

Game and the other girls are still on the way to the house.

Kiki is so out of place, and she doesn’t need to spend too much of her time talking to Priscilla….her ass (Priscilla) needs to be the next to go and from the look of the damn preview…That Ass Iz.

Priscilla goes off on Melissa saying she talks too much while Melissa is talking to the other girls.  Somebody forgot to take their medicine smmfh.  I guess Priscilla forgot that this was a free fuckin country.  Melissa can say whatever da fuck she wanna say.  The other girls are walking in and she tries to throw the fact that she did Playboy in her face and that her sister did a sex tape. Somebody slap this bitch for me already tho.  Priscilla acts like a serpant tho…We like to call him..Lucifer lmao

The other girls are coming in trying to figure out what’s going on.  Noone knows why Priscilla went off.  Sierra tells Priscilla to apologize to Melissa.  Everyone thinks she is something she’s not…Yeah…a Sheep in wool’s clothing.Priscilla calls Sierra a Two faced manipulator….sounds more like herself huh? Absolutely.

Later on..

Game is going out to eat and he’s taking Melissa and Kiki.  He’s taking them to his favorite Mexican restaurant and Melissa can’t wait to tell Game about Priscilla to get her out of the house.

Game is conversating with Kiki (on the date).  He says she’s not his usual type..She isn’t edgy..but he may could use someone like her in his life.  He talks about his family with her and so on…and she enjoys the date….back at the house the others are chilling around and in the pool and they are talking about how Kiki thinks she fell for Game already when she hasn’t really spent any time with him.  (Basically deciphering about who’s getting eliminated)

Game enjoyed his date with Kiki but she’s basically boring in his book. In all 3 episodes he says she ain’t his type. Melissa talked about Priscilla the whole time so Game didn’t get a chance to learn anything about her.  This may harm her during elimination time.

It’s time to club and Kiki is so out of place (before they even leave).  She in the club rocking all off beat and shit..she really stuck out like a sore thumb.  Everyone else is having a good time but Priscilla standing around mean muggin because Sierra is dancing with game.

End of the Night…

When the girls get back to the house Priscilla starts going off on Sierra.  Priscilla acts like she’s the victim and she’s so nice…and she’s being bullied.  Bitch bully your ass back home cause that’s where you going after Game see’s wtf you got goin on.  Game comes to the house to talk to the girls to see what’s going on between Priscilla and Sierra.  Game wants the drama to go.  He talks with Sierra she tells her side.  Sierra says Priscilla ain’t no good for him and she cares about him.  He likes that!  Now he hears Priscilla’s story…she is a total liar.  Game says “Part of me believes you part of me don’t”. He also said something don’t feel right..He’ll get to the bottom of it!

Game goes and talks to a Producer from the show to see the camera footage of the previous night.  Priscilla is caught red handed and I love it and Game says he has to let her go…but does he?  Let’s see next in the elimination results because its..ELIMINATION TIME!!!

So the girls and Jayceon are all sitting outside for elimination results and Game give this big speech about how he caught Priscilla in her lies and saw the tape and everything but instead of letting Priscilla go y’all guess who he eliminated first…

Kiki ass y’all.  That’s who went home tonight.  So sad!  I feel like I want to say a prayer for her or something, MOMENT OF SILENCE…..

AnTywAyz, he makes Priscilla apologize to Sierra and it’s a fake ass weak ass apology but she did it all phony and shit. Game says he kept her in the house cause everybody needs a second chance.  He asks the other girls if Priscilla deserves another chance…Jennifer answered first saying give Priscilla another chance.  Little do she know, Priscilla gonna come for her too.  Y’all know how this shit go.  Drama 4 Drama!

Well guys my guess for elimination tonight was wrong.  Kiki’s elimination was a surprise to me.  I atleast thought she would be around until next week but…oh well!  Two down and eight more to go….


Next week’s preview reveals a few more contestants that may be added to a shot at Jayceon’s heart.  Tune in next week same time same place!


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