She’s Got Game S1E2

Let’s get right to it.

On tonight’s episode of She’s Got Game, The Game is still on his date with Destinee, Priscilla, and Jennifer.  Destinee’s psychotic ass is still trying to convince Game that he knows her and he has her number saved in his phone.  This is supposedly from the time she was over for a cookout or some shit…but then she breaks her phone or something so he doesn’t have the number at all.  Me personally, I think this rat gotta go first.  Game, please eliminate this bitch tonight.  I can’t take another episode of her.

In a clip Game says he’s glad he didn’t do dinner and he decided to only have drinks with the girls.  He would’ve rather just had drinks with Priscilla.  I don’t think this is because she’s a match but because she acts like she’s thotty.  That’s the ratchet bitch you take around that stirs up shit and gives good head from time to time.  Priscilla, you might be clinging too tight cause your elimination day is coming too.  Thottitude gets old hunny.

Game didn’t really pay any attention to Jennifer.  Your elimination is around the corner though..Just wait for it.. wait for it…lmao

Next day, he meets with the girls that morning for a workout. Game wants his mate to be physically fit so he brings in his personal trainer to workout with the girls. On the ride to workout he confronts Shay about her sexual history with Priscilla.  She didn’t want everybody to know her sexual preference and she now knows Priscilla for the snake bitch she is.  Snakey ass mouthy bitch..I hatem.

The workout and run starts and everyone makes it except for Kiki.  She is dizzy and shit after the run. Game calls some help for her and she’s escorted away in an ambulance.  Every man wants a fit bitch right?!? She just fucked up cause now Game knows she can’t hang with him and that ass ain’t fit.  Try again muthafucka ( in my Chinese voice)  Elimination #2.

Tonight he picks four girls to go to his hood with him (Compton).  He’s taking Shay, Brittany A., Brittany B., and Rebecca. These girls meet his family, nephew and brother.

Game sits Shay down to talk about her sexuality and he asks her will she end up with a woman or man…The first thing out of her mouth was uhm.  Like wtf is that.  If I was Game, on elimination day I would be like uhm too.  Eliminate that ass!  She’s confused as shit. Kick her ass to the curve Game please!  She believes that every man cheats so the answer to your question is…she ain’t for you she for girls. So she’s elimination #3.

Rebecca talks a bit, but briefly and she’s a beauty but she’s from the ghetto.  I think she and her family are probably very loving and down to earth.  She’s still my #1 choice!

Back at the house Sierra, Priscilla, Destinee  and Melissa are talking about who they think are going home and Kiki comes back from the hospital.  She’s fine but she looks like she’s about to die.

He also sits and talks with Brittany B. (back in Compton). She was really cool.  I didn’t really see a connection but uhm, it’s Game’s choice…not mine.

Elimination Results

Drumroll PLEASE!!!!

Destinee…..Yayyyy!!! Take dat azz home!!!  Ain’t y’all glad about it?  Damn if I ain’t!

Tune in Next Week

Priscilla, Melissa, Brittany B. and Kiki are going on a private jet to Phoenix.

The other girls are riding with Game.  Let’s see what will happen next week.

Looks like the drama is coming…And you knew tho!!!

Don’t miss it!


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