She’s Got Game S1E1

Were you guys watching “She’s Got Game” tonight?  If you’re unsure of what I’m talking about let me enlighten you on what you aren’t missing. Or are you?

Filled with nothing but absolute drama; as we expect with a house full of bitches.

This new reality show starring Jayceon Taylor aka Game

is like Flava Flav’s old show “Flavor of Love”, or Ray J’s ” For The Love of Ray J”. The Game is looking for love and of course he spends time with each female and they compete and fight for who ends up with the hot rapper.(Game)

Some of his close famous friends ( Ray J, Tyga, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, Lisa Raye, Laura Gavon from Basketball wives, Keyshia Cole, Big Boy Radio show Host, Dej Loaf, and Irv Gotti picked 10 females they thought would be a match for him.

Now let’s look at who these guys picked for The Game and I’ll give you my opinion about them.  The Game says ” I aint got no type” so I’ll be putting these girls in two different categories TYPE and NO TYPE.

Priscilla- Center of Attention but she’s cute and her makeup is flawless I’ll label her as TYPE for now but something about her is off to me. I think her dramatic side will show later.

Brittany B.- People Lover -2nd Runner up for me. She’s totally a TYPE! Just needs a little tweaking..if you know what I mean.

Kiki -Southern Bell Church Girl- Doesn’t have balls, the type that all the other girls may walk over..I say NO TYPE because if she can’t stand up for herself then she definitely can’t stand up for Jayceon.

Rebecca- A Real Woman I think she has the potential to win!!! She’s down to earth and she has a kid so I think tha’s a plus!SHE’S MY CHOICE!!! (Lisa Raye picked her) TYPE

Brittany A.- Fit Fun and Down to Earth (really cool)TYPE

Shay- Giver/Peaceful but sneaky lookin’ NO TYPE (lesbian-has had sexual relations with Priscilla lol)

Destinee- Psychotic Ass Bitch and her makeup wrinkles around the eyes..YUCK!!! Makeup is suppose to make you look young..not old. She thinks Game knows her but lowkey bashing..he said he don’t know the bitch Lmao!!! NOTYPE

Sierra-  Over the Top – I think she’s cool but she has standards that are really high so she’s going to expect too much from Game. Probably not gonna work and she’s going to go crazy at some point. Street dumb book smart. I say NO TYPE I mean she is a good girl and a great type don’t get me wrong, I just don’t think The Game will pick her in the end so I say TYPE for good reasons but on some real Ashly’s thought type shit…NO TYPE!

Jennifer- from NewYork/Bronx and Hard As Nails..She’s definitely a homey lover type…she may be a little too hard though. same category as above. She may be a nice girl for somebody but not The Game so NO TYPE

Melissa- from London England and is ready to party. She acts like a video girl and kind of slow..NO TYPE

On tonight’s episode he decides to not cut anyone but take 3 of the contestants out on their first date for drinks. Accompanying him on this date were Destinee, Jennifer, and Priscilla. Destinee felt like the date should have only been with The Game and her.  She swear she has so much to discuss with him. GTFOH bitch! He doesn’t have time to just sit with you. He has like 9 other bitches he gotta run through. Like be patient. You’re going home soon anyway so pump your brakes hun. (in my opinion)

Jennifer is hard as hell on the date.  Game asked about her tattoo; jokingly asking her what it meant (gorilla with a hairbow).  She was straight up like What’s Your Point? Like Don’t ask me shit about me!SMH this bitch can have several seats.  Don’t nobody want no hard ass bitch.  Don’t know whether to love you or be scared of you?  I’ll pass and eventually The Game will pass too.  We’ll just have to keep watching to see.

Last but not least,

Priscilla..Miss Center of Attention bursts out on the ride to get drinks to let US know that she’s female friendly..and she swear’s she’s not the initiator… but then she goes to say that she’s basically messed around with one of the other competitors on the same show (SHAY!!!).let’s pause for a second……Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag Priscilla, but that just got you and Shay’s ticket up outta the love bucket and into the slut bucket. LOL

So guys this is the scoop on She’s Got Game Season 1 Episode 1.  It seems like it’s going to be really juicy this season so stay tuned and tune in for weekly updates.

My predictions are that The Game will have Rebecca, Brittany B. and Brittany A. as the last 3 standing (in that order). What do you think?  Let me know your choice in the description box below!  Would you also like video updates? Let me know in the description box below.

Thanks ❤



  1. I think none of these Lady, you have too do another show .For one I agree Ms. Pricella,Brittany B is very childish ,Brittany A something up her sheeve ,The jamician may have drama later and bubble bath Lady didnt too much not interested can not cook no self confidence ..


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