Mushroom Bowl Cut Wig

Today I am trying a new hairstyle.  It’s new to me, but it’s really old. The mushroom bowl cut. I felt blue today so I added a couple of blue pieces to spice it up a little.

This style has been around for several years and I remember my sister having this style with a jerry curl.  It was the worst haircut I had ever seen but all the girls at her high school were wearing it so it must have been a popular style.

The bowl cut is easy to do and very edgy.  In my opinion, this hairstyle works best on people with nice round heads and as you can see I have a peanut head or as my husband says…a sour patch head lol. If there are any more sour patch head shaped ladies out there like me (hehe) who would love to try this style, but you’re unsure if this style is for you?!?

Try making your own mushroom bowl cut wig.  If the style doesn’t fit you..


Check out a video tutorial on How To Make A Mushroom Bowl Cut Wig!!!!

Click Here:


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