1 Year Blog Anniversary


I had no idea that today made a year that I’ve started this blog.  Time has gone by so fast.

I remember when I first started blogging.  I had no idea what to do or how to present myself or my material.  Even after a year, I’m still a beginner and still learning new things.

I’ve interacted with a couple of other bloggers but I haven’t really been involved as much as I could have been.  This is because I do so many other things that sometimes time doesn’t allow me to sit and blog.

I never did the Meet and Greet thread that I sooo wanted to do.  I mean I’ve been running; I swear.

I am still recovering from the Kontagiouz Beauty fashion show (birthday celebration/fashionline launch held on May 23, 2015).  It was a success!  A special shout out to all my family and friends who supported me.  Thank you guys again for everything.

So back to the blog,

I skimmed over my info to see that I got around 3,000 views and like 78 followers here on WordPress and I have to say that I’m proud!  Yelp very proud.  First of all, I wasn’t looking for a million views or anything.  I was just looking for atleast one person to want to listen or one person who needed my help…anything!  Not only did I get 1 person, but 77 more than what I imagined or asked for.  That’s wonderful.

Around the time that I started my blog here on WordPress I also started a Youtube page; which is also called KontagiouzBeauty.  I started out the same way I did here on my blog; without any views and visitors, but now I have 255 followers and over 61,000 views.  Like I said before, it isn’t a million views but it’s more than 0 so I’m happy hAppy HAPPY!

I have enjoyed my year of blogging and I look forward to a Greater year of blogging starting last week :)…giggles

To everyone who’s following my blog or any of my websites/pages THANK YOU for your listening ears and reading eyes.

You make my Heart :)!!!


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