Amazing Female Keyboardist

When I was a child I remember my mom and dad taking piano lessons.

We had an old piano in our living room and the piano teacher would come over maybe 3 times a week to practice with them.

I remember the little old man.  He was very slim and short with a strong voice.  When he spoke it was as if a giant was speaking and he had the humor of a comedian.  His name was Mr. Epps.

While mom and dad practiced I was suppose to be in my room playing with toys or watching TV, but I wasn’t.  I would always have my ear to the wall or to the door, sitting Indian style listening to every note.

When practice was over I would go sit on the piano stool looking at all the black and white keys, but I wouldn’t press the keys because I knew it was a “NO NO”!

Before mom and dad starting taking lessons, music was always in my head.  I started singing when I was 18 months old and I was always in church sitting somewhere in the choir or by the musical equipment.

One day while mom and dad were sleeping I decided to try and hide and play at the same time.  I quietly tiptoed in the living room and sat down under the piano by the pedals.

I reached my hands up and touched the keys and as soon as I touched them I could hear all the music that my mom and dad were working on with Mr. Epps.  Lightly touching the keys I started to play.

As I played, I got happy and I started to play louder and louder until my parents woke up, and before I knew it they were standing behind me smiling and praising me for a wonderful job.  All this time I thought I would get a spanking for touching the piano but whatever I did on the piano they loved it.  They could not figure out how I could just get up there and play everything I heard through a wall when they were reading sheet music and still couldn’t play a lick.

My parents stopped taking lessons because they couldn’t quite get it, but who did they decide to put in their place? ME!

As I took lessons the piano teacher realized that I could not read sheet music and that the gift of playing the piano was all by ear and just an awesome gift sent from heaven by God.  From that point on, I was at every recital/performance in my city and surrounding areas.

As I got older more people started to recognize me for my talents and everyone wanted me to play at their events.  I played for many churches and even some local groups.

Today, I still use my gift.  I am blessed to be able to hear any song ONE TIME and play it.  Sometimes I amaze myself because I just don’t understand how my fingers do what they do, but I love the art.  It will always be my first love over all the talents that I have.

Sometimes I sit and play with the radio!  Music is love, music is life, music is beautiful, music heals wounds, music brings people together,music is EVERYTHING!!!

Here’s a clip of me playing Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time” for the first time.  Tell me how I did!  Hope you enjoy!!!


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