No Way Out

My cell phone rings and as I answer my stomach drops when I hear the voice on the other end.  With a rich angry sound the voice says “Hello, Ashly I know you know who this is and I just want to ask you a few questions.” I’m thinking to myself Oh SHiiiiiiT, but with a strong firm tone in my voice I said ” OK go ahead”.  The voice continued, ” I was going through my man’s phone the other night and I happened to see some conversations between you and him.  I also see that you guys have been having sex and I want to know how long this has been going on and why you didn’t come to me about it.”  (First of all, I thought cheating was something that you sneak and do so no one finds out. Why would I tell you that your boyfriend is cheating on you with me? gtfoh)  Without hesitation I replied ” I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I mean where is this coming from? ” I thought you would say that.  That’s why I’ve got him on 3 way with me.  I called out his name and asked him ” What is going on?” ” She got into my phone while I was asleep and now she knows that me and you fucked in the back of your truck.”  I was speechless…thoughtless and all I could say was ” I don’t know what y’all are talking about.  I was caught red handed.  He got caught so he threw me under the bus.  The whole while I’m thinking to myself (…this muthafucka here done snitched on me and him.  What a dumbass!  For some reason, I was thinking me saying I didn’t know anything about the situation would make the problem go away but shorty girl wasn’t buying my story at all.  She wasn’t going to let me get off of the line without telling her what she wanted to hear.  I didn’t have NO words for her or him at this point, and so I did what any other woman would do. I hung up the phone.

Silence filled the room for about 2 seconds.  Before I could take my next breath or think a thought to get me out of this mess my phone rang again.  As I prepared to answer the call, I sucked my teeth and took a deep breath.  ” What is it?” I mumbled in an agitated voice.  Before I could get the word it out of my mouth I was cut off by these words…” Bitch why you playing games on the phone?”  I hung up again.  As I was hanging up my cell phone the house phone started to ring.  Who could this be calling the house?  I checked the caller ID.  It was my husband’s best friend looking to speak to him, but he was away at work pulling a double.  I had the house to myself; not including the dog who kept pacing back and forth with me as I paced back and forth from room to room trying to think of something…anything, but I was trapped in a thoughtless state of mind. How do I get out of this?  Suddenly I came up with an idea.  Why not just get hubby’s friend to be my way out. Before hanging up the phone he said “Ok talk to you later” I said “Hey Chris,can I bother you for a minute?”  With him being a close friend of the family I knew he would have no problem backing me up.  I would just hope that he wouldn’t tell hubby. Me and him had a type of trust that I really couldn’t explain, but we understood each other when it came to things like this. I had helped him out of a few situations similar to this in the past.  Jokingly he answered, “Oh Lord, what is it now Ash”.  I started laughing out loud.  ” Man, I just got caught up on some bullshit and I need your help.”  He said ” lay it on me cuh.” Continuing my conversation, ” First of all, you’ve gotta promise me that you ain’t gonna tell ya boi bout this.  It’s really bad cuh.”  My cell phone was still ringing as we were talking.  I couldn’t believe this chick was still calling.  As soon as the phone stopped ringing it would start back ringing again.  I was so ready for this to be over and I only had about 2 hours left to get this crazy girl to stop calling before hubby would be home.  He asked me, ” Are you going to pick up the phone?” HELL NO! Not until WE figure out how to get ME out of this!”  ”  What the fuck is going on cuh you ain’t telling me nothing.”  ”  I have been fuckin around with this dude for a while and his girlfriend got into his phone and read messages that we sent to each other.  Now she’s calling my phone and won’t stop and the crazy thing about it is, this nigga was on 3 way with her.   What imma do cuh?”  “Ahhhhhhhhh you gone get it if Los finds out.”  “He ain’t gonna find out cause we gone fix this right now.”  “So, what’s the plan?”  ” I don’t know just follow my lead, ok!”  My cell phone never stopped ringing and now that I had Chris to help me out I felt more confident about answering the call.

“Hello!”  “Bitch I know you ain’t think I was gonna stop calling you.  You haven’t answered none of my questions.”  “Ask me whatever you want to ask me.”  ”  So you and Devin been fuckin around? Like when did y’all have time to be fuckin and where was I at when y’all were doing all of this?”  Those were three of the dumbest questions I had ever heard in my life and I didn’t feel obligated to answer but I did.  “What did Devin say?”  “Tell her what you told me Devin.”  “I didn’t tell her nothing.  She read everything in my phone, but we did have sex last month in the back of your truck and we been having sex for almost 2 years.  She already knows everything so you ain’t gotta lie.” “Yea bitch, you ain’t gotta lie!”  I couldn’t believe what this bitch ass nigga was doing?  I could’ve sworn while he was eating my pussy the other night he was telling me he loved me and all dat.  Now he trading me in for some Princess Fiona lookin ass bitch.  I’m baffled for real for real!  I considered Devin to be my best friend.  He knew everything about me; my darkest secrets, my fears, my likes and dislikes. He knew it all.  We had been acquainted since back in 1999.  Dated for two years. We just didn’t work as a couple cause we were too much alike…WHORES!  I was his first and the rest is history.   The level of trust that Devin and I had was better than the trust in my own marriage.  That’s why I couldn’t understand why shit was happening the way it was.  I literally laughed out loud and said “Hahahahahaha so we snitchin now?  That’s how we do thangs ni huh?”  Everybody got quiet. Everybody except for my boi Chris.  I could hear him on his end of the phone say “Oh shit, let me light me a cigarette.”  He knew I was about to let it all out, and I did just that.  “I tell you what then Devin, since we tellin everythang…tell Tamira that you texted me that night telling me that y’all wasn’t together and how you were leaving her cause u gettin sick of her and how you love fuckin me cause she can’t take dick.” “Hold up hold up!  So you told her that I can’t take dick?”  “Nah baby, I ain’t tell her dat she lyin bae she lyin.”   “I ain’t lying I got the text to prove it.  He was suppose to been coming over here last night but he couldn’t get a ride because you were at work and I know your schedule.  You work one the next. You always work on Monday and Wednesdays and you’re on call most of the time.”  ” How this bitch know my schedule?”  “Hold up!  I’m not done.”  Tamira interrupted me before I could speak.  ” So Devin you love her?  Ashly do you love Devin?” I don’t know why I felt the need to answer first…” Yes I love him!”  “Why you love him?”  This was my moment to see if the person I thought cared about me really did.  I was honored to answer first.  ” I love him because he’s always been there for me.  I’ve know him for 12 years and we share a musical connection that I can’t even explain.  He knows everything about me and I know everything about him.  Like his favorite color, his favorite meals, the way he sleeps, what makes him cry, what makes him laugh, and I know about that spot behind his left ear.”  Devin was mumbling stuff I couldn’t make out and Tamira yelled, “He don’t love you tho.  Tell her you don’t love her Devin and u ain’t gonna see her no more.” ” Ashly, I can’t mess with you anymore.” …”Yea, I don’t want you around my man no more.  Don’t call him, don’t text him, y’all can’t be friends…none of dat.  Just stay the hell away from Devin cause we together and we gone be together.  You better worry about your marriage cause after I get off the phone with you I’m calling your husband and let him know that you been cheating on him.”  I didn’t care about that.  She ain’t have his number or the house number.  I was good to go on that…so I thought, but I must have been thinking out loud because she then when on to say ” Matter of fact, I’m about to call him right now!”  I hollared at Chris and said call Los and Tell him don’t answer any number with an area code 715 and you’ll explain to him when he gets off what’s goin on.  He said ok I gotchu! He hung up and I hung up too.  Tamira was still talking.  I didn’t care.  I had to hurry up get online and block her from calling my husband and telling him what was going on.  Chris was buying me some time and in the meantime Tamira was still calling my phone.

Quickly, I logged on to my account and blocked Tamira.  I was now sure that she couldn’t call my husband and he wouldn’t find out about this long term affair.  I continued to ignore the calls on my phone.  I had to call Chris back to get this lie straight for my husband.  Little did I know that Chris was going to tell on me too.  Chris told me that he told Los that he was messing with this crazy girl and he gave her his number to get her off of his back.  That was a dumbass story to begin with I was thinking to myself, but I ain’t say nuthin.  When hubby came home that night he acted as if everything was fine.  I tried to act like I had had a normal day, but in the back of my mind I knew I had been going back and forth with Princess Fiona and Devin for 3 hours and had spent another 2 hours trying to get my lie ready for him when he got here.  Honestly, if he don’t say nuthin..I ain’t sayin nuthin.  I just hope that this crazy girl goes to sleep soon because I’m tired of picking up my phone to ignore her calls.  Guess I’ll cut my phone off and say it died or something cause if she keeps calling she’s going to blow my cover.

I didn’t sleep good at all last night.  I tossed and turned.  This was the first time in a long time I had ever been this scared.  I knew this secret was going to get out though and I knew it would do my marriage alot of damage.  We were already in bad shape.  I can’t even remember our relationship ever being stable… but it is what it is.  I knew that it was going down today though.   My chills had chills.  I was just nervous for no reason.  I mean, I had a reason..but no one knew the reason.  Only me and Chris I thought.

…Time Goes By, Later That Day…

” I got a phone call from Tamira.” said Los.  At the time, I was naked and about to step in the shower.  I quietly stepped into the shower and slid the door back, wet my body as if I had been in the shower the whole time and acted as if I didn’t hear what he said.  Los opened the bathroom door, but he didn’t step inside.  He said,” Ashly I know you heard me!  I said I got a call from Tamira today.”  I heard him but I didn’t answer right away.  I was amazed at the fact that this crAzy chick had figured out a way to call him.  I then heard footsteps and as he got closer to the shower I started to say “Well what did she say?”… Here I am back to this question and answer scenario thingy.  Uggggggh!  ” You just tell me what’s going on!”  “Can I atleast finish taking my shower?” I asked.  “Nope!  Get out of the shower… you just stepped in there right before I walked in so it ain’t like you were taking a shower anyway.  We are going to talk about this right now!”  “Ok.  Let me dry off and I’ll be right out.”  I did not see this coming and I don’t know what Tamira told him, but from the look in his eyes I could tell she told it all.  I just lost my best friend/cutty buddy and I’m about to lose my husband if I can’t go in there and get my lies straight. I’m all alone in this.  Devin turned on me and even Chris, not to mention Tamira, and she had every right.  I no longer had it all together.  Infact, I had it all messed up and I was BUSTED… with No Way Out.


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