More time more effort…better blog

Last year I did okay with my blog but this year I would like to put in more time and effort. I’ve spent a few months looking over other blogs to see how I could improve myself and there is one blog in particular that gives me the strength and confidence to keep on blogging. I love HarsH ReaLiTy by Opinionated Man!!! His blog is different but it is so enjoyable. I’ve never read a post on his blog that wasn’t interesting and not only that he tells you everything you need to do in dummy terms so that even the dumbest dummy can understand. If you haven’t checked this blog out then be sure to do so. In many of the Opinionated Man’s blog post, he explains the importance of meet and greet sessions and I have never attended any of them so that is one of my goals for this year, to be more attentive and more involved. I also didn’t manage my time very well last year when it came to my blog. I noticed that I always crammed it into my schedule late at night before I went to bed. This caused me to sleep write and not really put thought into my content. For this reason I’ve managed to put myself on a blog schedule.
Mondays- Makeup Mondays
Tuesday-Talk It Up Tuesdays
Wednesday-Workout Wednesdays
Thursday- OFF
Friday- Fashion Fridays
Saturday-Sewing/DIY Saturdays
Sunday-Hair Sundays
and of course I may post in between depending on how I’m feeling. I am a wife and mother so I do have a life outside of this…I’m starting to like this thing called blogging though. Well… I do realize my mistakes from last year and I am making an effort to improve. I haven’t been a blogger for a long time…around 5 months but I’ll get the hang…


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