Confessions of a Young Housewife

One Day Back In 2011…

I would date my first entry but on some real shit I don’t know what today is.  My days are nights and my nights are days and who the hell cares anyways what today is?  It’s another fucked up day if you ask me.  No matter what I do I always become the suspect when I’m really the victim. Oh well… guess I’ll ride these suspect wheels til they fuckin fall off but until then wassup diary?  As you can see I’m a little bipolarish today.  I have this funny feeling in my stomach that my husband is cheating on me. Usually when I feel something it’s almost always true.  Let’s hope this time the feeling that I have is gas.  On some real shit though I know the signs.  The staying out late, not coming home til the next morning, dumb ass excuses, new friends I’ve never heard of… Maybe it’s just me.  Funny thing is, I am secretly having an affair of my own along with other affairs in between.  When the person you love stops showing you attention and ain’t never around to give you what you need your first instinct is to fill in the gap with someone else or something. I’ve filled that gap quite alot and I’m
starting to get so comfortable doing it that it’s coming natural to me. I know what I’m doing is wrong but I’m mad as hell at the thought of my husband being with someone else.  I don’t know what to do or say… I’ll just sit back, watch and try to stay discreet in my own mess…

Signing off,



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