Confessions of a Young Housewife

I’m starting a series called Confessions of a Young Housewife and this is going to be part 2. Now I know you’re saying how can you release a part 2 without a part 1?!? Part 1 is the novel I am currently working on called “Love Infection” that will be available on my blog (FOR FREE) to read (when finished). Love Infection is about a young girl sent to foster care at birth. When she is adopted by a young couple they discover the young girl has amazing talents. As the young girl matures she realizes she has a hereditary love infection that she must cure on her own. (SOUNDS GOOD?!?) Well make sure you stay on the lookout for it. I will post updates and reminders to inform you guys of any threads associated with “Love Infection”.
Confessions of a Young Housewife is basically a journal that I’ve been keeping for the past 2 years about my life and my marriage and it picks up from where the novel “Love Infection” ends. I’ve been through so much and there’s not enough paper to jot down all the feelings, the situations, the tears, but I think I’m ready to share so here goes…
NOTE: Part1 will start January 1,2015
Thanks for your support and your listening ears 😉 💋 See you soon!


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