Scattered Leaves

When I look around me I don’t see white, black or a specific… I see scattered leaves. Ranging in different shapes, size, colors; unique in their own individual way.
Ascending from different trees; (mothers and fathers)… Grown the right way but constantly blown left, right and the wrong way. Walked upon, swept and raked… Gathered together to beautify…or just existing leaves that have no purpose at all. If you were a leaf what color would you be? What tree would you fall from? Would you beautify your surroundings or would you just be another leaf? Raked, swept, walked upon…scattered leaves….IMG_4365.JPG



  1. Well written sis. Im definitely not the leaves that are gathered together and compiled to be burnt. I think I would only blossom in the spring. Afterall, a tree shall bring forth it’s fruit in due season. I think what makes our life worth living is making a difference in someone else’s life. We were not put here for self, although we are self conserving. Our lives mean anything if we are not influencing someone for greater in their lives. I think thats the diffrence between the gathered leaves, and the beautiful ones. Great blog! Justice Forall


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