Kontagiouz Kissez GiveAWay Results

The giveaway results are below…
CONGRATS TO: asealskhaki & plus+beauty on WordPress. You are my lucky kontagiouz winners šŸ’‹
Now to announce the youtube winners for being my 20th and 30th subscriber. It’s hard to tell who’s my 20th and 30th because you guys subscribe on youtube and you do it privately so I can’t see your information I only know that I have an additional subscriber. Because of this I counted the ones I could see and picked that way. Here are the winning names below: Shirret Carlisle & agostine stuart.
Send me an email @ kontagiouzbeauty@ yahoo.com letting me know you are not an alien
Once verified that you are human I will then need the address where you would like to receive your Kk Bag.
When you recieve your bag PLEASE make a short video showing the world and Me that you’ve safely received your bag and send the video to kontagiouzbeauty@yahoo.com. I will then make a video and feature each of you in my upcoming video about my giveaway results! Thank you so much for sticking it out with me šŸ˜‰ I love you ALL!!!



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