F You..Pay Me

My mother always taught me that nothing in life is free. In my 30 years of living that seems to be true, but I see someone else’s mama didn’t teach them right at all. When you come to get your hair done you should have my money. When you go to the grocery store you don’t pick up meat and go up to the register and say thanks for this meat I’ll see you next time so why do that to me? I had a client (whose name I should blast…but I’m not) sit in my chair for a hair fix; and GOD KNOWS SHE NEEDED IT, and got up afterwards and told me thank you! I started to rip each piece of weave from her scalp but I just counted to ten and said you’re welcome. Luckily I wasn’t having one of my bipolar moments or she would have felt my raft lol. I’m just saying though…F YOU PAY ME!!!


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