5 Ways To Say “I’m Sorry”

How hard is it to say I’m sorry when you’ve messed up in your relationship?  VERY HARD…sometimes, depending on what the sorry is for.  Now I won’t get into the reasons for being sorry but if you are a repetitive messer upper LIKE I WAS, then this will be very helpful for you.  To be honest, I’ve done some things in my day and every time I got caught my words were.. I’m sorry.  I got tired of saying it and my husband got tired of hearing it so I had to approach the situation differently.  Here are 5 different ways I learned to say or show that I’m sorry.

1.  Cards-  When you can’t find the words to say grab a card or 2.  I have never bought a card that didn’t express how I felt accurately.  If one card doesn’t say all you need it to say buy as many as you like that gets the point across.  Simple things are what makes a man happy and a card may be your ticket to forgiveness.

2.  Poem-  Write a poem expressing that you’re sorry.  If you aren’t a writer google has billions of examples you can use.  Its free, easy and you’re bound to be forgiven this way.

3.  Dessert-  What’s your S/O’s favorite dessert?  Make or buy it for them, and when they start enjoying it hit them with the ” I’m Sorry” line.  How can they not forgive you with a mouth full of sweet tasty dessert.  Maybe they’ll forgive you and offer you some of it.  It’s worth a try.

4.  Sticky Notes-  You can place a sticky note anywhere but I would prefer you stick one where your mate will notice it.  Make a trail of sticky notes that sends one message or use 1 just to say you’re sorry.  Let it be unexpected.  For example, place it in a lunch bag for work, on car windows, on the fridge, on their side of the bed etc.  Find a unique place to leave your sticky note.

5.  Sex-  Don’t judge me, but I have slipped an I’m Sorry in before or after a climax.  When you’re in that moment you know you’ll be forgiven…wouldn’t you think? Yep…I know… and IT WORKS!

Next time you’re stuck and lost for I’m sorry words… try one of these ways to say I’m Sorry.


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