7 Reasons Why He Won’t Commit To YOU

Fellas, y’all might be mad with me after this but I gotta keep it real with my KontagiouzBeauties about you savages lol (JP).  These days guys just wont do right and WE as women feel like there’s something wrong with them but on the real, there’s something wrong with US.  Here are 7 Reasons Why He Won’t Commit to you.

1.  Your friends/Company you keep-  “Birds of a feather flock together”.  If your friends are out of control, or have bad habits (whorish ways) a man sees this and will not commit to that and even though you may not be like your friends, its hard to believe that when you have 6 girlfriends that are THOTS.

2.  Social Media- STOP putting all of your business on these social media sites.  You think they don’t; but guys read the crap you post on the web.  Two weeks ago you had a boyfriend and you were in love, last week you were pissy drunk in the club and left with a sidepiece ,this week you found out you’re pregnant by the sidepiece and next week you’re fussing back and forth with the sidepiece’s wife because she found out you left the club with her husband.  These guys see that you’re messy as hell so why would they want to invest their heart into someone like you?  The only investing they’ll be interested in is sexually and ain’t no commitment in sex now is there?  (My point exactly)

3. Clingy- I don’t like a clingy man so I know a man doesn’t like a clingy woman.  Give him his space.  Don’t you need yours?  Everybody needs a little ME time or nights out with friends.  He doesn’t want to be around you all the time. That’s annoying frfr.

4. Trust- Guys want you to trust them even though they know you know they ain’t doing you right.  They don’t want you accusing them every other day about another female and they don’t want you nagging about where they’ve been.  Nag all you want to and he’ll commit to somebody else. (trust me)

5.  Independent-  Whoever taught you females that being independent was the best thing to be LIED TO YOU!!!  Don’t get me wrong having your own is great but when it comes to a relationship a man wants a woman to make him feel like he’s needed.  Men love it when you NEED them, whether it be for support, financially or sexually they want to feel you need them so when they ask do you need something stop saying nah.  NOTE: Please don’t abuse the NEED for want or greed.  In other words, he ain’t always gotta do for you but every once in a while you should take him up on his offers.

6.  Cooking- ” The way to a man’s heart is his stomach”.  If you can’t cook then throw his commitment out the window.  I sure hope you don’t think fast food is gonna cut it.  Stop ordering Chinese and get your but in the kitchen and cook. I wouldn’t commit to you either. lol

7.  Clothes-  What you wear is important when trying to get a man to commit. If you dress trashy…Forget it, but if you dress classy…you can count on it.  Tight pants and booty shorts are a NO NO.  Don’t expose too much.  Not a good look.

So now WE know what we need to change to have a COMMITTED MAN!  Hope this was helpful. ❤



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