Marraiage A-Zs

Marriage is a beautiful thing  and I’m sure everyone has their heart set on finding that special someone to spend the rest of their life with but  In order to do that you  have to know the Marriage A-Zs.   Many of us were taught; if you love someone to marry them, but I’ve been shadowing a few marriages; including my own, and I beg to differ.  Sure love is what holds a relationship together but there are other things needed to maintain a good stable marriage.

When baking a cake, you can’t leave anything out because each ingredient is important.   Leave out those eggs and that cake won’t rise.  Think of your marriage the same way!  Let’s look at another example.  If you have a car and it has a motor but it doesn’t have a battery…it is not going to run.  Common sense right?!One more example.  If you have legs but you don’t have any feet…you aren’t going to be able to walk. Like Duh…  With that being said, my question is… How Can a Marriage work with just love?  MY ANSWER is (and note I said MY because this is my opinon, not yours lol)  IT CAN’T!  There are other important ingredients  that will need to be added  with love to complete the marriage.  Here are the Ingredients below. I am listing each one by name and will do a follow up post in the future to explain why it is important to have each one.  ENJOY!!!


A-  Acceptance, Admiration, Activity, Affection, Appreciation, Approval

B- Balance, Bond

C-  Chemistry, Concern, Confidence, Commitment

D- Dependence, Determination, Differences

E- Encouragement

F- Forgiveness, Friendship, Fidelity, Feelings, Fairness

G- Guidance, Gratitude, Gifts

H- Honesty, Humbleness

I- Inspiration, Integrity


K- Kisses, Kindness

L-Love, Laughter, Loyalty

M- Motivation, Meaning, Meditation

N- Nourishment

O- Opportunity, Originality, Obedience

P- Patience, Perseverance, Principals, Protection, Prayer

Q- Quality, Quantity

R- Respect, Responsibility, Reliability

S- Security, Sharing, Standards, Support

T- Teamwork, Tradition, Trust

U- Understanding, Unification, Unity

V- Values, Variety, Vows

W- Warmth, Willingness, Wisdom, Worthiness

X- X-rated

Y- Yawning, Yielding





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