Flat Stomach Trick

Raise your hand if your stomach hangs over your belt…  If you didn’t raise your hand my guess is that you’re comfortable with your mid-section, but if you’re not I have a flat stomach trick that can help you.  If you’re breathing then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be successful in trying this because it is only Deep Breathing Exercises. 

First things first, you’ve gotta know your body.  It’s kind of hard to take care of something when you have no knowledge on how to treat it.  Try putting together a bookshelf without instructions or taking in a goat as a pet.  How are you going to assemble this bookshelf or take care of this goat without the knowledge of how to care for it?!?  (YOU CAN’T) So let me give you a quick body lesson and explain to you how deep breathing exercises can help give you that flat tummy you’ve been wanting.

Oxygen is just like food to the body.  YOU NEED IT TO LIVE!!!  When you take deep breaths the extra oxygen goes through your bloodstream, increases the blood flow and helps get rid of excess fat and waste, causing a chemical reaction that tells your body to speed up your metabolism and it makes you burn fat quicker.Breathing Correctly- something we don’t think twice about but maybe you need to start thinking.( the more you think the more you’ll breath correctly.)  It has a very important impact on your health and weight and is rewarding to your health in many ways. (improving immune system, keeps your blood pressure steady, flushes out unwanted toxins in the body, energy boost).  Now that you know your body a little bit better…let’s try some breathing exercises.

-Lay down flat on the floor, bed or couch.

-Relax for about 10 seconds to make sure you aren’t tense and muscles are relaxed

-Take a deep breath (through your nose) take as much air as you can

-Hold your breath and hold for 10, 15, or 20 seconds (whatever is good for you)

Now let it out slowly…repeat if desired

See how easy that was?!!!  Once you’ve gotten this technique down you can master it sitting, standing or lying down.  Try it today and LOSE THAT BELLY!!!!






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