I was a girl without a conscience, without goals and without a purpose… Searching for something that I would never find elsewhere…only inside. Life threw curve balls at me but I ducked and dodged. Only mama’s prayers were probably what kept me but OM cares…nah…didn’t have’em. I know God ain’t give me all these talents for nuthin…I gotta be good for something… Yep… I am good for something… “Making a Change”. Now I ain’t never been too much of a follower but I swear I’ll lead lol which is why I started KontagiouzBeauty. KontagiouzBeauty’s motto is “Beauty Easily Transmitted To Others”, kind of like a spreading disease but instead a beauty disease. When I speak of beauty I not only mean in appearance but also mental beauty. We as women tend to forget how to carry ourselves and just think, if more women had self discipline there would be more good men…RIGHT?!? (just a thought)…
Took me 2 years to find ME… Now here I am….here to share with you. A place where you’ll learn how to:
*Love Yourself/Others
*Lose Weight/Stay Fit/Eat Healthy
*Hair Tips
*Beauty Tips and much more…For latest updates Subscribe and Follow me @ http://www.kontagiouzbeauty.com


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