“Bang Bang” Inspired Makeup/Hair/Outfit Trio

Have you ever found yourself in your bathroom mirror singing and dancing, using a brush or comb like it’s a microphone or mimicking your favorite pop star? Don’t be embarrassed. I do it ALL THE TIME!!! “Bang Bang” a new hit from last month by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj is a guaranteed jam that moves me out of my seat and into my bathroom lol. I caught myself trying to transform into Nicki Minaj today. Check out my inspired makeup hair and outfit trio!

I like to call this a Mardi Bra LOL. This was very affordable, easy and fast to make. The supplies used were
1. BLACK BRA- your size of course.
2. BEADS- dollar general $1( comes 3 in a pack)
3. GLUE GUN/STICKS….that is all



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