5 Things You DON’T Tell Your Friends About Your Mate

Burrrr…it’s cold out here… Must be the changing of seasons. Indeed it is… So if you don’t have a mate you might be trying to find one because it’s getting cold and everybody needs someone to hold. RIGHT?!? While you “single ones” or “creeping ones” are out there searching for your next victim I have a word of advice for “you ones” who are already OCCUPIED. If you want to keep your mate this fall and winter here are “5 Things You DON’T Tell Your Friends About Your Mate”.
1. Sex- Never tell your friends about sex with your mate. This is a big key to open a door of imagination( especially if bragging rights are great ;)). Keep it to yourself. It’s yours..so enjoy it!!!
2. Financial info- if your mate is a bread winner don’t broadcast your finances. Money ain’t everything but let’s be honest…if you could get more of it you would wouldn’t you? Dont trust anyone with this kind of information ever!
3. Disagreements- don’t tell your friends when you argue and disagree in your relationship. Friends feed off of drama (a lot of times) and whatever you’re arguing about could be room for the creeping friend to get their foot in the door at your mate. Be careful what you share. Having a mate is like having a toothbrush. You have to keep it safe with a cap on it. LOL
4. Flaws- NEVER tell your friends about your mate’s flaws. Have you heard the saying “Anything you can do I can do better”? Well I’m sure if you have a problem with your mate and their flaws somebody can work with those flaws and make them better. SHUT YO MOUTH UP!!!! Don’t tellem… Don’t tellem… lol.
5. Happiness- I’m glad you’re in love and happy and everything is perfect in your relationship, but is your friend happy for you?!? Maybe not if he/she is single and probably thinking about how cold they’re gonna be this fall/winter (lol). It’s fine to discuss your happiness with your friends but not too much. Too much happiness talk can make your friend wonder how happy they could be if they had your mate. Uggggh…soooo not wanted huh?!… So “Loving Couples”remember these 5 tips this season to keep your mate!
GOOD LUCK “single/creeping ones”OR NAH!!! hehe….


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