Cold Turkey

Howdy do Kontagiouz Beauties. I’ve been gone for a couple of days but IM BACK and it’s time to finish the last few days of our “Purge”. To refresh your browsers (minds)… We were on the last entry on our purge list and working towards losing 5 pounds as well. Before I got sick, we started a workout for the last 12 days. The workout will continue today!
Originally on my list, attitude was #3 but I can’t change what I’ve already fixed so to follow along with you guys I’ve decided to quit smoking cigarettes COLD TURKEY on SEPT 30th. I’m not doing anything to prepare for this… Only smoking 2 boxes a day because I know I’m gonna have withdrawals LOL. So my advice to you for number three on your list is…enjoy whatever it is you’re trying to rid yourself of. You’ll miss it, but you’ll gain pride in knowing you accomplished something you thought you couldn’t do!!!
Enjoy your day ❤


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