Sick as a Dog!!!

Guys I am so sorry I haven’t been able to post on schedule. My sissy; (with her contagious self), always decides to come over to my house when she gets sick now I’m sick as a dog!!! I LIKE REALLY HATE HER GUTS RITE NOW!!! uggghhh… (jk-just kiddin)
I’m taking a few days to recuperate and then we will be back to our regular schedule. I may have to go over into October to complete the days of the “Purge” we missed or if I feel up to it I may Cram again. I will keep you guys posted. I must say that I am loving the WP app on my iPhone. It comes in handy in times like these!!!;)….Well, I’m going to lay back down now…my head is pounding…wish me GET WELL SOON!!! šŸ˜āœŒļø
ā¤ kontagiouz šŸ’‹z


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