Day17 “Workout Cram in Overdrive”

Did I not promise you at least 5 pounds of weight loss by the time our “Purge” was over? With 12 days left I know you’re like this is not going to happen. I beg to differ. If you can gain 5 pounds in a week you can definitely lose it in a week. How hard could it be? For the next 12 days we are going into WORKOUT CRAM IN OVERDRIVE!!! It’s time to sweat those pounds off. If you can’t stand the heat…stay outta my kitchen cuz it’s gone get extremely hot!!! (for the next twelve days I will post a 15 minute “Workout Cram in Overdrive” video. Feel free to follow along at your pace but remember you want results so don’t cheat and I’ll C u back at 6!!! ✌️


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