Tell Me Why!!

Tell me why my doctors appt was @ 2pm and I’m still sittin’ in the waiting room @ 2:10 with no hopes of a doctor coming out…. Ugggh!!! The waiting room is claustrophobic small and there’s only one person in here…THE RECEPTIONIST… who told me to have a seat and that’s it. He didn’t even want to see my appt paper…just have a seat; like I’m 5 or something…OK I had a seat…now can I been seen??? Why do we get appt times if we still get seen after our appt time??? Mind you I was here 15 minutes early. This has got to change… I’m young ; I don’t have anything to do but imagine an elderly person sittin up in here waiting forever?!?!?!!!!( I’m thinking bout my grandma Gettin mad rite now lol…(JP)
I’m still in the waiting room and it is now 2:25….HELPME JESUS 😣



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