LavaLoaf w/ Spicy Green Beans..Rice…& Honey Buttered Biscuits

Hello beautiful people.  Today I present to you my own recipe and it’s delicious…  I like to call it LavaLoaf with Spicy Green Beans.  Below you’ll find the recipe along with pics!!!


1.  1 pack of ground beef (your choice in size.. I used 2)


2.  Spices (meat tenderizer, salt pepper, seasoned salt, chopped onions, parsley)IMG_3550

3.  Make loaf in the shape of a meatloaf


4.  Bake

5.  When it’s almost done cut down the middle

6.  Make your gravy


7.  Insert gravy into cut you made on loaf

8.  Cook for 20 minutes on 350

9.  Take out of oven; let it cool down and enjoy it 🙂


1.  2 cans of green beansIMG_3551

2. sugar & spice ( salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, red peppers, garlic salt, sugar)

3.  add all ingredients together ( bring to a boil and then put on lowest setting for 20IMG_3557 minutes.

Rice and biscuits are easy to make so after you’ve prepared all of that put it all together and enjoy your LavaLoaf with Spicy Green Beans :)…Enjoy!!!






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