Beyoncé made a successful single called Irreplaceable back in 2006 and I know every woman had their radios turned up to the max when this came out…( I KNOW I DID).  This song was about the breakdown of a relationship with an unfaithful man and Beyoncé was just saying she could replace him.  Let’s think for a minute.  If you’ve been in a long term relationship and you really love this person…, if they cheated or not do you really want to kick him/her to the left???

Back in the days, people stayed together because that was the right thing to do and not only that…they stayed together because of the love.  If the love isn’t strong enough to keep you then you should’ve already been gone.

So,…how do you determine if they’re IRREPLACEABLE or nah?!?!?   1. Don’t believe those reality tv shows like love and hip hop Atlanta and all the songs that get you in your feelings telling you to flatten tires, bust out windows, and slaughter each other.  All those things normally end up with trouble at the end of it.  Think first about going to confront Kisha and keying up her car lol.  You’ll probably end up in jail and paying court fees while Ray Ray is out still chillin with Kisha …(hehe)….REPLACEABLE ANYWAYZZZZ 2.  Are they staying with you or you staying with them? Who’s place is it?  If it’s your place…he’s replaceable.. .His place??? You already know…(get yaself together gurl…it supposed to be your place…ugggh)lol 3.  Does their good outweigh their bad? If the answer is yes…(replaceable) 4. (5) baby mommas/daddies with kids they don’t take care of?… Replaceable.
So who’s IRREPLACEABLE? I’m glad you asked ;)… Example 1. High school sweet hearts 10 years later…2. Someone who has only cheated once or never 3. Kids are involved 4. A marriage or relationship.
Only you can determine who’s fortunate enough to stay in your life.
Pick and choose wisely!!! 😜


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