Fuss It Out…Stay Together!!! 7 steps

Many people think that if you fuss in a marriage it’s time for a divorce or things just ain’t gonna work out but I’ve developed a solution to keep even the worst couples together.  Keep in mind I said FUSS; not FIGHT.  I’ve had my share of domestic violence and I AM AGAINST it!!!  If you’re in an abusive relationship GET OUT…It is not healthy.  On some real ish, me and my husband use to always fight each other, but that always ended in him being locked up and me wasting money bailing him out or us separating for months at the time.  Who wants to go through all of that when you love each other anyway?!?!?  In our situation, we had 3 children involved and starting over with someone else was (tried) but not accomplished on both ends.  LOL…  When you have time, kids, money, and accomplishments with your spouse divorce is not an option.  Everyday IS NOT going to be the best day so… FUSS IT OUT…STAY TOGETHER!!!  Here are 7 steps my husband and I use in our relationship.

1.SAY WHAT YOU MEAN: ex A: If you’re fussing about infidelity; If it’s on his end…say exactly what you want to say.. he is wrong and if you have proof run with it.  LOL (have fun but remember you’re trying to keep him not scare him off :-0

ex B: If you’re fussing about anything just fuss… get it all out.  Don’t keep it inside it makes things worse.  Communication is the key to any relationship and fussing is a part of communication lol

2.  SAY THE WORST-  When my husband and I are upset we say the first things we can think of to piss the other one off LOL.  This is too funny because you’ll say anything when you’re mad..( atleast me and my husband do…DONT FRONT like you don’t..hehe)Example:  I don’t want to be with you anymore or I’m leaving.  You know this ain’t true.  Say what you want to say now ( IF THE LOVE IS REAL) you’ll still love each other in a few seconds.  Love doesn’t go away overnight.  It is a feeling, an expression, a touch, a lot!!!  So fuss it out because sticks and stones may break your bones but a divorce is going to break your pockets.  Don’t you think fussing is much cheaper?  YEA, try FREE!!! (errbody like free stuff :))

3.  CALL NAMES-  Self explanatory…Why not call names?  That’s what people do when they argue right?!?

4.  NEVER HIT-  If either one of you feels the need to hit…(SAT ON DOWN SUMWUR lol) You have gone too far.  Remember, domestic violence is a crime for women and men, and I’m sure your local police dept. doesn’t mind locking you up because of it.

5.  TIME OUT-  Sure you’re grown but we can act a bit childish in situations like this so just like in kindergarten… we are taking a time out!  Get you some fresh air and separate for a few minutes or hours to clear your thoughts.  After space and cooling down, you’ll see that whatever has gotten you upset can be easier managed when calm.  Example:  When I’m angry I’ll clean, sew, do my hair or nails and my husband will go fishing, wash the vehicles, or work on something that needs to be fixed.  Redirecting your mind so that you can DISCUSS not FUSS!

6.  FORGIVENESS-  After your TIME OUT; come back together, apologize and laugh it off.  Example:  After apologizing my husband and I like to pick on each about faces made while arguing or words we messed up (tongue tied) or by repeating things that were said to mock the other.  This is really fun, believe me!!!

7.  STAY TOGETHER- Now wasn’t “FUSSING IT OUT” better than cheating, fighting or divorcing?

This is how my husband and I ” STAY TOGETHER”!!!  Hope it helps YOU!!!  ❤


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