Day 8

Welcome back Kontagiouz Beauties!!!

I hope you all have had a great weekend.  We rested yesterday, light weight training on Saturday and Friday was my husband’s birthday so I would say we’ve had a pretty nice break from the “Purge”.  As I mentioned to you last week, we will be on a fast (Wed-Fri)and I will explain the instructions for this task below.  So what’s on our agenda for today?  On day 8 we are working on #2 on our List.  So if you’re ready…LET’S BEGIN!!!

First let me explain to you what a fast is.  Biblically, it means to cover the mouth or to abstain from or to go without eating and drinking.  Fasting helps us realize how much we depend on other things for comfort.  In my case.. I smoke cigarettes so instead of fasting from food on my purge I wouldn’t smoke any cigarettes for 3 days.  If you’re addicted to tv …turn it off for 3 days and find something else to do in the place of that and so on. Now that you have a better understanding on  your instructions for (Wed-Fri) be thinking of what you’re fasting from.  For more info (if interested in following along) comment below or email

Ok!!!  Day 8..without the knowledge of what your #2 could be, I can’t tell you what to do but I can tell you what worked for me.  My #2 was my attitude and I was certainly a hot head so I knew that in order to change myself I had to change that.  I had all kinds of rage so every little thing ticked me off.  Realizing my attitude would take me further than an airplane…I decided to start taking deep breaths in crazy situations, counting, removing myself from around the situation that made me upset, and believe it or not…smiling or laughing helps too.  So if you see me smiling or laughing and somebody just pissed me off… I’m just working on my attitude LOL!  How are you working on your #2?  Leave comments below!!!  Thanks beauties!!!! Love ya



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