Simple Things

CAM01041It’s your anniversary and you’re picking up last minute decorations and gifts only to realize when you get home you’ve forgotten to order a cake.  You have 1 hour left until your spouse arrives to prepare for your celebration and it’s too late to place an order at the bakery.  HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!!  Before you get your panties in a bunch LOL…go to your local grocery store, grab you a box of cake mix and icing, take it home and bake it!!!  You may not be the baking type but remember this is for the one you love so take your time and do it right.  (instructions included on box LOL)  I’ve learned in my marriage it’s the simple things that make you happy and make you love each other more and more each day!  I always thought if I bought the $30 ready made cake it would make him happy on special days but to be honest…I got a better response from the home made cake than I did the store bought one…  See what your spouse or significant other thinks about a cake like this. (Surprise him :)) Enjoy!!!! ❤





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