Day 6 Light Weight Training

When I hear weight training I’m thinking about a gym, and lots of weights.  Today we will be talking bout weight training WITH and WITHOUT weights and different ways to make weights to work out with at home.

I am lucky enough to have found someone who was giving away a weight set so that’s how I got mine… LOL , but before I got them I used water bottles filled with water and an old broom stick with duct tape. It worked the same way a gym membership works and best of all… IT WAS FREE!!!  If you are in need of some weights and you desire to have some at home here is how I made mine!!!

1.  (2) Hawaiian Punch Jugs filled with water

2. Old Broom Stick or any stick sturdy enough to hold both filled jugs

3.  Duct Tape to hold jugs on each end of stick

Now lift it.  It may look light but trust me IT IS NOT!!!  Pick it up and curl it 10 times and I promise you you’ll feel a burn..(TRY IT )…Now isn’t that light weight training???  I’ll be posting a tutorial later on how to make this and some of the exercises that I do when I lift.  So stay tuned!!!

On Day 5, I encourage you to start putting everything we’ve learned together in a routine and stick with it.. There is more to come next week with our fast, diys, relaxation and workouts.  Today is clean up/chill day for me so I have to get to work but until next time…I love you!!! Stay Kontagiously Beautiful!!!! ❤ :0




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