Wear It Dont Let It Wear You!!!

Where I’m from I hardly see women dolled up with blush, bronzer and concealer.  What I do see is tons and tons of eyeshadow with fly away eye lashes, cut off-drawn on eyebrows, crazy color lipstick or a tubeload of lip gloss.  Like…WHAT IS THAT???  Now it is ok to wear a little shadow, liner and gloss but if you are going to do those other things then PLEASE…DO IT RIGHT!!!  I ain’t no makeup artist or anything but I know when it looks right or when I look like a clown :-o.


In my opinion,(NOTE I SAID MY OPINION) a lot of women choose not to wear makeup because they lack the knowledge of how to put it on or what to buy or maybe they can’t find the right color…idk but I’ll give you a few tips today!

1. Clean FaceIMG_3435

2. MosturizeIMG_3436

3. PrimeIMG_3437

4. Apply FoundationIMG_3439


6. PowderIMG_3445

7. Bronzer or BlushIMG_3447

8. EyesIMG_3448

9. LipsIMG_3451

and WALAH!!!! Finished look


For more information or detailed video…plz!!!comment like subscribe



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