gallery Konfession Kloset (My Reason for A Woman’s Purge) & Relaxation

Goodnight/morning (lol).  With all the trouble I had today with this computer I promise you I started not to get up here at all.  In fear of letting my followers down; I decided to come on here anyway.  I now hate electronics.  Who would have thought that I would have downloaded something to slow my computer down and mess up all my programs….Ugggggh!!!….but anyway…I’m here and ready to discuss with you MY KONFESSIONS and my reason for starting “A WOMAN’S PURGE”.

Life has thrown me a million curve balls and I’m only 30 so you can bout imagine how much hell I’ve gone through before I could say my life was in a good position.  I think my life was thrown away before I was born due to the fact that my biological mother gave me up for adoption.  That was the first of many obstacles in my life… not to include people hating me throughout grade, middle and high school (for nothing cause I didn’t have a bucket to pee in lol)…NOTE: (My parents took great care of me and IN MY EYES I WAS SPOILED!!!), abusive relationships, 3 baby daddies,being  homeless,a marriage, cheating and whatever else you can think of…I’ve been through it all…Haven’t quite done it all, but I’ve definitely had some issues.(Want to know exactly what I went through???  You’ll have to read my upcoming Novel “Love Infection” )

                                                       Coming Soon!!!

When you’ve gone through so much and you ain’t doing right…you don’t look right; as my mother and grandmother would say…This picture of me is terrible 😦 and it AIN’T ME…it really is me but u feel me?!?!? :/

ME @ 185 POUNDS 


Yo?…who and what is that??? That is the biggest I’ve ever been or seen myself…As a matter of fact before I started my blog I switched phones and changed sd cards…I happened to upload some pics of old makeup and hairstyles and what do I find??? Pictures of my weight loss journey…I hadn’t seen these pics in months…I did not know that I was this huge and I am scared of this picture…lmbo ( I have my eyes closed right now typing because the picture is like right there and I don’t want to see it…lol)   I mean before I only weighed 100 pounds soaking weight and I was wearing a size 0.

FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT (and don’t een know lol)





Having 3 Children and 3 C- Sections, I was lucky to have maintained my weight as long as I did…1370712166195ME AFTER 1ST CHILD

1370712165246ME AFTER 2ND CHILD

1370712176428ME AFTER 3RD CHILD

So many things happened after my 3rd child and to make a long story short, I had to change my weight… so that takes us back to our “Purge List”(#1 on my list).  I haven’t had a gym membership…(well I did but I only used it one time lol), With no friends (cut errbody off ),  or anybody to motivate me ( besides my husband), I had to train myself to come up off of that weight. I stayed praying asking God to help me because I did not know where to start.  Here is what I did to lose my weight…

1.  Prayed for direction (EVERYDAY)

2.  wrote my goals down (WRITING THE VISION)

3.  fast (TURN PLATE DOWN FOR A DAY OR TWO)created my own diet plan

4. different workouts that were comfortable and created by me as well

For 3 months, I walked around the house all day and all night with 5 pound weights on each leg and while I cooked and cleaned I wore them.  It hurt really bad the first couple of weeks but my hurt paid off in the end.  I did push ups standing up to my oven, sit ups in bed, leg raises sitting in chairs and I lifted weights in my garage.  I danced around the house when I wasn’t doing anything (for fun) with my leg weights,had garbage bags tied around my stomach, purchased lose weight suits ( see… i don’t even know what you call them(lmbo).1370712207468

The last thing I did along with dieting and exercising to lose weight was to RELAX!!!  One reason I think I couldn’t lose weight is because my body was so tense.  I couldn’t do things at all without getting out of breath ( which means I was very out of shape) and by this time, I had gotten so depressed that relaxing was nowhere and I mean NOWHERE on my agenda.

As my head was hurting one day, I decided to play some music on Pandora to ease my mind (MUSIC IS MY DRUG>>>I LOVE IT<3… I accidentally hit a yoga channel and the music started to play and at first I was like what the heck is this…but as I listened my headache went away.  This music had totally relaxed me and before I knew it I was stretched out and bending in ways that I couldn’t even imagine.  HOLD UP HOLD UP???? Didn’t I just say my head was hurting???..yea well not anymore.  So one of my BIG TIPS to LOSING WEIGHT is yoga music.  Play it and make sure everything else around you is quiet… Trust me on this..Yoga music is where it’s at!!!  

So now that you know a few of my secrets; if losing weight is on your list…follow those tips above.  If you need additional help with your weight journey PLEASE email me @ or leave comments below .  I want to help you take your life back…not 2moro, but 2day so stop stalling and making excuses.  (MY SLOGAN:    If I Can…You Can!!!! SLOGAN T-SHIRTS !!!!Coming Soon!!!!!

LOVE YOU GUYS and thank you so much for your sacrifice to PURGE!!!!

See ya 2moro (finger’s crossed :-)…hehe

BEFORE                                          AFTER












  1. Yes girl, yes! You inspire me. I saw my reflection in your mirror. If you know what I mean. Keep doing what you are doing girl. It is well needed. God bless u.


    • I know exactly what you mean and thanks for the compliment ;). There’s more of US out here. I just want to be a blessing to someone else’s life because I didn’t have anyone to help me through my struggles. I’m here for you and anybody who needs me 😉 love ya💋


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