Spicing Up Old Shoes

Do you have a pair of old heels in your closet that you don’t wear anymore because they’re hurt? When I say hurt I’m talking about scratches, tears, scuff marks, or maybe you don’t have anything to wear with them?  I have a crap load of shoes in my closet, in the garage  in my closets and under beds that I don’t wear for all of the reasons above.  Last night my imagination was really going and I decided to try to be a shoe doctor and fix my torn heels.



I am providing a picture of some things I used to try and achieve my finished look but let me just let you know that this was my first time attempting to do this and some of the things I used may not be in the picture so I will make a list of the missing items.


1.  An old pair of heels

2. Glue Gun/Glue Sticks

3. Super Glue, E6000, Modge Podge (Use 1 Your Choice)

4.  Acrylic Pant (I used neon pink)

5.  Nail Polish (I prefer the same color as the acrlic pant you use for better color; depending on type of shoe)

5.  Felt Craft Sheets

6.  Gem Sheets

7.  Glitter

8.  Elmer’s Glue (for glitter)

9.  Razor ( to smooth out felt craft sheet)

It took me about an hour to complete my look.This is what I ended up with.  How does this look?



If you like this look and would love to see more embellished and diy shoes or you need a tutorial on this look please send me a request in the comment section below, and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe 🙂 1 ❤



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