Sock Puppet With a Twist

IMG_0358 IMG_0356

Last year my 5 year old came home with a sock puppet project and being the unique and decorative parent that I am my mind went into beautiful mode.  Forgetting that this was a child’s project I totally took over.  My daughter says ” Mommy I thought I was going to help with the project”?  I kept saying Just a Minute you can help soon.  Before I knew it, I was finished with the sock puppet and my baby had fallen asleep.  All I know is she had the prettiest sock puppet in class LOL!

For this project I used

1. An old used sock

2. Buttons ($1)

3. Tulle

4. Old small piece of fabric

5. Human hair (optional)

6. Doll size vest or shirt/ or craft sheet

7. Glue gun


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