Head Scarf Days

When you were younger did your mom ever tell you not to come out of the house with a scarf on your head? If your mom was anything like mine you better not leave the house unless you’re dressed from head to toe. New millennium and things have changed quite a bit. The head scarf code has been broken and I’m starting to see everybody and their momma shopping and prancing around in head scarfs. Let’s be clear about this head scarf thing. I hate seeing dingy ones, or the ones that doesn’t match anything you have on or the one you slept in every night and decided to throw on and last but not least…the ones that cover your whole head with no hair out. Double uggggh!!!Those are NO NOs!!! I’m a sucker for a head wrap or scarf only if it
1. Compliments my outfit
2. Matches my outfit
3. Ties pretty in the front (bow tie)
4. Hair can be worn out (for example: bang, ponytail)

How do you wear your head scarf? Here is a pic of how I rocked my head scarf today!




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