image My Fitness Overview

13707122076031370712207874At a height of 4 ’10 1/2 and age 30 my weight is supposed to be around 86 – 105 pounds.  Six months ago I weighed in at a whopping 180 pounds.  OMG!  Can you believe how big that was for me?  Try super duper barney big. (LOL)  Snacks, fast food, fried foods, sweets and soda were my favs and I had no problem enjoying them everyday.  In 3 months I lost 65 pounds and I am proud to say that today I’m weighing in at a FANTASTIC 115!!! As easy as it looked to everyone around me it was definitely a huge challenge and it took long days and dedication to reach my goals.

13707122129161370712212517Losing weight can give you a scare when you have no clue where to start.  I dived in head first and started working on every part of my body and pushing myself extra hard on each workout .  Starting out, I purchased workout DVDs that were long and boring and provided me no results, gym memberships, yoga classes, and much more until I decided to create my own workout routine and diet plan . I’ve combined different techniques into one and developed an awesome strategy to drop my pounds.   Everybody’s body is different but I believe if you follow my Fitness guide and workout routines you’re guaranteed to lose atleast 5 pounds in 30 days.

BEFORE                                        AFTER

1370712195543IMG_2084Stay tuned for before & after pics, clips of workout videos, tutorials, and tips that will leave you looking and feeling amazing.












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